How to Safely Use Essential Oils For Babies

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Essential oils are amazing, but you must follow these safety tips when using essential oils for babies from 6 months to 2 years.

How to Safely Use Essential Oils For Babies

If you follow along on Facebook, you know that an essential oils obsession has been developing inside me. It all started through research that I did for a Reader’s Digest Essential Oils Guide For Beginner’s that I wrote and actually expanded on through a series of additional posts about diffusers and such. There’s so much to learn, it’s really amazing. Through my research, I got the most amazing diffuser, which has been my method to use the oils to begin with, but I learned there’s a lot to be cautious about when using essential oils for babies. So I talked to my friends over at Twig+Petal, and wanted to really create a guide for safely using essential oils for babies for any likeminded moms to turn to. I also have a fun giveaway below as well as a great recipe we’ve been diffusing to help calm our little one whenever she’s having one of those ugly tantrums!

Essential Oils For Babies

Essential oils are really a great thing to use for our health or to simply make your home smell great. I know that I personally feel happier overall when wonderful smells pumping through my apartment. But with having Blake, I became worrisome about using them around her at all, because I know there can be bad side effects if not used properly, so I spoke with Tirzah Shirai, founder of Twig+Petal, that creates small batch essential oils, for some advice about how to safely use essential oils for babies.

What are essentials oils?

Basically, essential oils are liquids that are extracted from aromatic flowers, trees, fruits, grasses and leaves and tree resins through steam distillation. The reason that the fragrances they produce are so potent and can fill our homes so quickly is because they are so heavily concentrated. This can be great for many different reasons, but it’s also a concern when using essential oils with babies.

Where should you buy essential oils?

I can’t stress enough personally to know where your oils are coming from. This is so important because they are potent enough to be used in medicinal purposes, so make sure you purchase from a reputable retailer and I don’t recommend buying from the mass marketing retailers, but that’s just me!

Essential Oils for babies that are safe from 6 months to 2 years:

Tirzah says, “please keep in mind you should never use essential oils with infants under 6 weeks of age. One Drop of essential oils should be used per tsp of carrier oil.” I also personally follow the rule of not diffusing oils with a baby or toddler in the room. For instance, I’ll turn my diffuser on in the morning when we leave for the bus stop and turn it off when we walk in the door. Our home still smells great and we reap the benefits, but no oils are being diffused around Blake. Then I turn it back on again when she goes down for her morning nap.

Clary Sage
Roman Chamomile
Tea Tree

Essential Oils For Babies that are safe for 2 years and beyond:

These oils can be added to the list for babies over 2 years of age. And Tirzah said that, “foot massage is a great way to apply to children.”


Calming Tantrums And Outbursts Recipe

Simply combine:

2 drops Lemon 
1 drop Ylang Ylang
1 drop Sandalwood
2 drops Lavender

Drop these essential oils for babies into your diffuser, or mix with 1/8 C Twig+Petal carrier oil into the container of your choice, which is also safe to use on babies skin.




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