Charcoal Beauty Products From Derma e®

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Traveling can wreak havoc on your skin due to so many different factors! While traveling this summer I tried out charcoal beauty products from derma e® to keep me on track.

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Charcoal Beauty Products From Derma e®

If you have been following along on Facebook and Instagram, you can see that B and I have been quite the travelers lately! Chris was away for two weeks for Army training and is finally coming home today! While he was gone, Branden and I visited my family in Pittsburgh and Ohio, then returned to the city to meet up with friends for a trip to Mystic Beach in Connecticut and Plymouth, Massachusetts, and ended our journey at the super cool Edaville USA where we got a peak at their newly added Thomas Land!


What a whirlwind it has been, but I was determined to give B some end of summer fun before going back to school and take my mind off of missing my husband for 2 whole weeks!


Sticking with a beauty routine can be hard while traveling because you never know what’s on your agenda, what time you’re getting to sleep, and – if you are anything like me – possibly falling asleep with your makeup still on. It happens, because life is full of unexpected things. While we were away, I began experimenting with charcoal beauty products, the latest trend in the beauty industry. I’ve been so intrigued by this concept that I had to try it out and share my findings – and my new favorite products with you all.


Why use charcoal beauty products?

The theory behind these charcoal beauty products is that they act like a magnet and pull out any dirt, blackheads, or impurities in your skin. It detoxifies the skin and has natural antibacterial properties, leaving your face super clean and blemish free.


One of my favorite beauty companies, derma e®, has developed some pretty awesome charcoal beauty products that I just can’t stop using! I have been using their Purifying Daily Detox Scrub followed by their Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask, and can honestly say they are a winning duo. I got lazy while I was traveling and could feel my skin starting to break out and knew that I needed to get back on track, yet needed something more than a new face wash. These charcoal beauty products completely deep cleaned my skin such that I felt that it almost reset the lazy damage I had done and prevented the impending breakout from happening. Amazing!

Have you every tried charcoal beauty products? Tell me about your experience!

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