Shopping Cheap: The Do’s and Don’ts

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So at this point in the game, I have been shopping since September with Christmas in mind. I have almost everyone crossed off my list, except for a few little things. My goal was to get through the holiday season this year without putting anything on ANY of my credit cards, and I am very proud to say that as of today, I have SUCCEEDED! BUT…Christmas isn’t here yet! There are still those few gifts left to purchase along with the other daily expenses such as Metro cards, rent, and expensive UES lunches. Therefore, I have (as I’m sure many of you have as well) mapped out a very strict budget to get me though the rest of the holiday season so that I can stay on budget, and keep those credit cards where they belong, which is probably in the garbage!

So in order to stick to this strict budget, the easiest thing to do is turn to a shopping cheap method to keep as much money in your wallet as possible, but still have nice gifts wrapped in pretty bows to share with those you love. Now, I love a good deal just as much as any Mama, but I’m also very concerned with quality when shopping. Therefore, I put together a great guide to follow when shopping with a budget in your mind while sale signs are simultaneously calling your name!

Shopping Cheap Do’s

  • Make a list ahead of time for who you need to buy for, some gift ideas, back-up gift ideas, and the maximum price you are willing to spend on them. Then, you can compare this list to items while out shopping.
  • Trust the brands that you know and love. When considering buying products from a brand you have never heard of, do some research before you make a spontaneous purchase. If it is clothing, make sure you read over the care instruction and what its made of; if it’s electronics or anything else, do some research on the brand + warranty options.
  • Time your shopping around HOLIDAY SALES, year round, not just during the month of December!
  • Check for FREE SHIPPING offers before purchasing online.
  • Check out “going out of business” sales to find some great gifts! Just remember, there will be no returns possible in this case, so the price needs to be dirt cheap.
  • Do your homework!

Shopping Cheap Don’ts

  • Don’t buy things just because you see a deal; get what you NEED ONLY!
  • Don’t shop on the weekends. I know this sounds crazy, but stores are so busy on the weekends that it can get overwhelming for the sales associates. If you are able to, shop during the week when you can have some one on one time with the sales associates. You never know, they may even give you some special advice when they have the time!
  • Don’t lose any receipts!
  • Don’t sign up for a store credit card just to take advantage of special last-minute deals, unless this is something that you have been planning on doing. A store credit can lead to many unnecessary purchases in the future!
  • Don’t be afraid to change your mind about items while waiting in line.
  • Don’t think that more presents equals a better holiday; pay attention to quality of items as well.

Overall, it’s important to keep in mind that these are gifts you are giving to the ones that you love, so keep their special tastes and styles in mind. Purchase things that you would like to receive yourself; otherwise, it’s not worth it! What are some of the best deals you have gotten this holiday season?

Fashionably Yours,


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