Best Pants For The Apple Shape

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If you have identified yourself with an apple body shape, then pants can be a struggle. Being a fellow apple gal, here’s my foolproof tips for choosing the best pants apple shape mamas!

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Best Pants: Apple Shape Bodies

You may think that because I am on the shorter side that I steer clear of wide leg pants for my apple shaped body — but that couldn’t be more far from the truth! No matter what body shape you have, you can totally rock this style and do it effortlessly! Yes, wide leg pants even fall into the best pants apple shape bodies category!

While most of the pants hanging in the closet are skinny pants or leggings, but that’s mostly because I try my hardest to work with the assets of my figure (my skinny yet shapely legs) and show that off through my clothing. My strategy is to accentuate the positive (my legs) and downplay the negative (my stomach). BUT – I have a few pairs of wide leg pants hanging right nearby that I take out to play from time to time, and amazingly, I get just as many compliments.

Shopping For Best Pants For Apple Body Shape

I totally get it–shopping for wide leg pants whenever you have tummy issues can be a challenge, but we are here to overcome that together and make you less fearful of approaching these fun (and flattering) pants in the store instead of bulldozing right past them!

Focus on proportions.

I suppose that you could say that I’m using the term “wide leg pants” loosely, being that every women has a different picture in her head whenever she hears it. There are options that are wide in the whole pant leg, some that only get wide at the bottom (like bell bottoms), and some that are more in between. Focus on which proportions work best on your figure. To do this easily, go the old fashioned route by getting yourself to your favorite department store to try on all the different types, and you will easily find which ones work on your apple shaped figure.


Opt for a higher waist–or not!

I will say this, and I will say it loudly: some apple shaped mamas LOVE high waisted pants and some HATE THEM! You need to figure out if you prefer a pair of high waisted pants that look good sitting at your high waist or if you prefer something that just sits just above your love handles. Unfortunately, there is no rule with this–everyone is different. Figuring out where the waist should hit you is a huge key in unlocking your secret to wearing wide leg pants.

Length is key.

Whether you are a short apple shape or a tall one, make sure that your wide leg pants skim the surface of the shoes that you are planning on wearing with them!

 Fabrication vs. fit.

Overall, when choosing best pants apple body shape, fabrication doesn’t matter as much whenever it comes to wide leg pants–choose a fabric that feels buttery against your skin without adding unwanted bulk! My favorite tends to be something that offers a little bit of spandex in it–just sayin’!

Shop the best pants apple shape:

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Real talk though: best pants apple shape can be a tough one. I know, being an apple shaped gal myself. Sometimes you just need to try on something that you would otherwise overlook, be brave and you’re sure to find something that you love. And when you do: buy like 10 pairs!

Fashionably Yours,


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