Why Clothing Size Doesn’t Matter

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All the reasons you need to stop stressing over your size tag because clothing size doesn’t matter.

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clothing size doesn't matter

Why Clothing Size Doesn’t Matter

It’s no secret that women in our society obsess over the number that appears on every tag in every piece of clothing that we own. How could we not? Our society puts pressure on us to make sure that the numbers on the scale are down, our cholesterol count is down, our daily calorie intake is down, and even our “real age” must be down.  Essentially, we are a society that is driven by numbers–low numbers, specifically.

I fall victim to this pressure as well. I sometimes feel as if the number on my clothes defines me as a person, when in reality it does no such thing. If I am out shopping and I am able to fit into something that is smaller than my normal size, I feel over-joyed, and this excitement can last all week. When the number is up I feel depressed, and when it moves down, I am happy. It’s really a terrible cycle and a ridiculous thing to worry about, especially since, in one given day trying on clothes in a dressing room, I fit perfectly into the following sizes …4, 10, S, and L!  So how much importance should I be giving to this issue?

I feel like I have read countless magazines that advise something along these lines… “Don’t pay attention to the size that you are wearing; all that matters is how the article of clothing looks on your body. Sometimes buying a size up will make you look slimmer overall. It’s better to

buy the size that fits better, than buying a size based on the number that is too small.” I’m sure that we have all read articles discussing this issue, then the SAME magazine uses models who are 15 and 16 years old to portray women. And photo-shopped teenagers at that! I don’t know about you, but I think that’s pretty darn contradictory.  So in addition to changing diapers, cooking meals, and working, we must look like we are 15 again? And then at the same time not obsess about size? Easier said than done.

I think that whenever it comes down to it, no matter what I say throughout

this article on this subject, we will all be tempted to walk away still wondering, “If I skip breakfast and then run an extra 10 minutes every day, maybe I will fit into that size 2 dress hanging in my closet?” But really now! At the end of the day, it’s all about being healthy and happy in our own skin–no matter what the size on the tag reads.

So let’s start by taking a page from the playbook of the guys, haha – it’s not the size that counts…it’s what you DO with it!  So give yourself a break about what your number is, and instead make sure you use the dressing room mirror when you buy your clothes. Just refer back to that golden old song that says “Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative”, and only buy clothes that make you look terrific, whatever size you’re in.

And if weight loss is truly in your best interest, just keep your eyes on your long term goals. As long as we are making a conscious effort to do something everyday for our

overall health while working towards the goal of fitting into a smaller size instead of obsessing over it, then we are on our way to changing the way we think.  If your diet involves healthy meals, gradual weight loss, and doesn’t involve skipping meals, you know that you will eventually manage to reach your goals while feeling better too.

With all these numbers and various strategies to deal with them, I think that I have come up with a fabulous solution that will make every woman happy–no matter what size they are. Just follow my simple “4 Step Program” and we will all live life harmoniously and happily, oblivious to meaningless numbers.

Step #1: Go shopping!  After all, it’s important to us Mamanistas to always look our best.

Step #2: Ignore the sizes while you are shopping and choose the clothing that fits your body best. (You can do this easily by bringing 3 sizes of each item into the dressing room, and buying whatever one happens to look best.)  Yes, I am agreeing with the fashion magazines on this step, but just bare (intentional spelling, LOL) with me, and I promise you will be happily surprised with the next step.)

Step #3: Return home from shopping and go straight to your kitchen to fetch your most perfectly sharp pair of scissors.


Ahhh pure bliss! Now I can’t remember the size of my clothing! And I bet you won’t either!

Fashionably Yours,



  1. Andrea Burkhart says:

    I much prefer the kid’s section at Target, they have some seriously cute stuff! I’ll admit to cutting off a “Miley Cyrus brand size XL” tag or two in the past, haha :):)

  2. We must “work what we got”, and find what makes us shine! Love this!

  3. I’m SO with you! Time for a tag cutting party at my place, too. Even after losing 73 pounds, I get hung up on always being the next size smaller, as well, and I’m also a 4! Sometimes I just need to take a deep breath, get real, and be happy about where I am and what I’ve done. Great post.

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