Snuggle Time For Your Cosleeping Newborn

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There is absolutely nothing in the world that compares to bringing the whole family together for some snuggle time. Am I right? Don’t get me wrong, we do our fair share of running around this crazy city we call home, but whenever we have a moment that is just me, Chris and the kids (omgosh I think that’s the first time I typed the word “kids”) – it’s just the best ever. Whether we are sipping coffee in the living room in the morning or all piled into our bed for a movie night, our Snuggle Me Organic is with us with little Blake inside. And it’s perfect whether you have a cosleeping newborn or not.

cosleeping newborn snuggle me organic

For Your Cosleeping Newborn…Or Not

This little girl of ours has a serious case of FOMO every single day and is such a social little baby, so as we travel from room to room throughout the day, she wants to be where we are. A great way to have her always join us – sleeping or awake – is in our Snuggle Me Organic. Whether you are a co-sleeping family or not, it really doesn’t matter – this is a must-have piece of baby gear that you will start to use and enjoy as soon as your little bundle comes home from the hospital.

The Snuggle Me Organic is the original co-sleeping bed for cosleeping newborn babies, created 10 years ago. But, it’s not just for co-sleeping, as it is a multi-functional lounger that was made to recreate the feeling babies had inside the womb. It’s portable and for me – especially perfect for her to snooze in so that I can get some work done on the computer.

So what drew me in?


I love the support that this product creates for moms postpartum. I mean, I’m living it right now and there are some days where the adjustment is a wee bit harder than others. I love how this product came recommended by midwives, doulas and massage therapists for babies and now that Blake is here, I’m totally seeing why.

Their patented center sling technology is what sets the Snuggle Me Organic apart from other co-sleepers on the market (but I’m also drawn to the fact that it’s both organic and Eco-friendly, too!). The baby is gently pulled in towards the center, giving them the sensation that they are being held. These feelings of confinement actually allow the baby to sleep in longer stretches.

In a world of baby gear that is fulled with swings and vibrating chairs, it’s so refreshing to have a product in our home that Blake loves and feels so safe inside.

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**This is a sponsored post. As always opinions are my own.**

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