Stepping Up My Skincare Routine with TULA {Giveaway}

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This month, I turned 28 and immediately started referring to myself as an “old lady.” I know, I know – I’m not really old, far from it. BUT, there are things about myself that I’m noticing are changing. Like, I’m becoming more responsible with making financial decisions (This I can’t equate 100% to getting older – it helps whenever your husband works in finance!). And, I’m opting much more for “nights in” instead of “nights out.” Most of all, I’m realizing that taking better care of myself is a MUST.

I’ve realized that I can’t buy the same cheap makeup I did in high school.  I’m not stalking Forever 21 to get 10 pairs of cheap leggings at the beginning of fall, but instead going to Bloomingdales and getting 2 really good pairs.  And, I most definitely can’t sleep with my makeup on anymore. My skincare routine has changed dramatically, and I’ve made a pact with myself to spend the extra cash on products that really do the job and will keep my skin looking young and in good health.

Why I’m Using TULA

I was recently introduced to the new beauty regimen, TULA – am I’m pretty much in love with the 4 products that comprises this skincare system! I was on the prowl for a skincare routine that truly made my skin feel clean (because some just don’t!), and I wanted to be able to see a difference. Other concerns of mine were how dry my skin becomes as the temperatures drop, and of course taking preventive action against aging while I’m still young.

After using this product for a few weeks, I can honestly say that my skin looks and feels great! I am even able to see a difference in my overall complexion, as it’s clearing up my stubborn acne problem. I look forward to using the daily cleaner because of the impact it’s having on my overall routine. I have to say that my favorite product is the Illuminating Face Serum, as I apply it everyday after I get out of the shower and it has truly brightened my natural glow!


My glowing skin after using TULA!

A fun little fact is that the word TULA is Sanskrit for the word “balance” – which something we are always trying to attain, right? The creators really wanted women to to understand how important is it to take care of our insides so that we can look beautiful on the outside, and TULA certainly helps achieve that! Currently, these products can be purchased on QVC, which you can find HERE.

The whole set includes:

  • Purifying face cleanser
  • Illuminating face serum
  • Revitalizing eye cream
  • Hydrating day and night cream

Learn more about TULA from the co-founder, Dr. Roshini Raj here:

The Giveaway

TULA has partnered with us to give 1 lucky Project Motherhood reader a chance to win the entire skincare system! The giveaway will start today and our winner will be chosen on Friday November 7th! Good luck beauties!
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**Project Motherhood was compensated to write this post. As always, opinions are 100% our own. **


  1. I love that when we are young, we have no problem calling ourselves an “old lady”, but once we actually might sort-of-kind-of qualify for the label, there are lots of us who’ll have no part of it, LOL!

    But what I really want to say is you are sooo00 on target regarding quality skin care even at your age, Ali! I started using a quality moisturizer in my twenties, even when I had to beg for it as Christmas gift when I couldn’t afford it.. And I honestly believe this a big part of the reason my skin still looks good today.
    <3 Your Editor

  2. Patti lovecky says:

    I agree that it is important to start a good skin care regime at an early age so that it becomes second nature to you.
    Never go to bed without cleansing your face well, and applying a good moisturizer…even on those nights that you feel you are too tired, or have over partied. Your skin will pay the price. Smoking…don’t even think about it! Those lip lines give it away in a minute.

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about daily skin care. Regards

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