Strawberry Female Body Shapes: Skirts That Fit!

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Strawberry female body shapes ladies: stop buying skirts that look bad and make you feel terrible! Check out our guide for shopping for the perfect skirt with ease!

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Strawberry Female Body Shapes: Skirts That Fit!

Last week, we had a little issue in the bedroom. It may or may not be the first thing that comes to your mind, depending on whether you talked to me recently, but I can honestly tell you that this event  kept me cleaning up for days!

Yup. My husband went to hang something up in our closet, and we had a big explosion when the clothes rack collapsed! These female body shapes of our take an awful lot of clothing options, and mine just caused our closet to have a breakdown. female-body-shapes-2

So I prioritized and worked on different sections each day, getting rid of things we no longer wear and donating them. I even bought storage bins, and put heavier items underneath our bed! Who’s proud of me? (These under the bed storage containers are perfection and are anti-mold, too!)

Anyways, the moral of this story was that in order to bring in any more clothes, I had to make an agreement with my husband that I would get rid of a lot of things that were just sitting there. So what ended up being most of the items that I tossed? Skirts! Which instantly made me think of why we are doing this series! I had so many terrible skirts that didn’t look right on me! So this week, we will work with the strawberry body shape and save closets–one skirt at a time!

Shopping For Skirts For The Strawberry Female Body Shapes

Avoid: Due to the very broad shoulders that your strawberry body shape has, it is in your best interest to avoid more fitted skirts altogether, as it will make you appear even more top-heavy. Forget shopping for pencil skirts, as they will only accentuate the negative! Lastly, make sure to choose skirts that have some type of substance to them–for instance anything that looks floaty in shape.

Look For: Skirts that are fuller on the bottom. That Mad Men inspired style that is so popular–go for it! This will help balance you out overall and leave you feeling much more confident about your presentation.

Fabrication: Go for patterns! Strawberry’s are so lucky to be able to jump right in to patterns on the bottom!

Silhouette: The main silhouette that you should shop for is the A-line category. Whenever it comes to dressing for the office, you can opt for a more structured inspiration style, but make sure it is a bit fuller on the bottom.

Shop our favorite skirts for the strawberry female body shapes:

Looking for more strawberry female body shapes goodness? I’ve got everything you need here:


These female body shapes of ours can be overwhelming to shop for right? We’re not nearly as straight up and down as men, but have curves in so many different places that we’re often wearing three different sizes head to toe. I hope this guide serves all you strawberry mamas well and gives you some motivation when shopping!


Fashionably Yours,


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