The Best Sunless Tanning At Home Products

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These products will make sunless tanning at home beyond easy so that you can prepare for any event that comes your way with either sunless tanning lotions or sunless tanning mousse.

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The Best Sunless Tanning At Home Products

It’s time to get your summer glow on, and we have some great summer tanning tips and sunless tanning at home products for you! Our team had the opportunity to try out a new product, appropriately called Fake Bake, and give you all our feedback as well as some sunless summer tanning tips to go with it! So because we are big fans of the phrase “fake it until you make it,” here is our whole team’s reviews of this sunless tanning lotions.

Fake Bake sunless tanning lotions

Allison’s Review: “The marketing girl inside me loves the name, because its catchy and truly does what it has set out to do. While most sunless tanning products tend to have a weird smell to them, this one is happily pleasant. The only issue that I ran into was using too much and it drying too quickly before I could properly rub it in. My resolution: I suggest mixing it with your favorite unscented body lotion for easier application. Because of this issue though, I am very happy that it does wash off easily!”

Deborah’s Review: “This product started with a disadvantage with me, since I’ve been using a wash off instant tan product that I really like.   The Fake Bake shade I received, Shimmer Medium, is way too dark for my fair skin tone. There was a little shimmer and a sheer tint, but maybe if it were a lighter shade, I could have evaluated it better. It just didn’t work on me, though the scent was yummy.”

Kelly’s Review: “Most self-tanners have a weird smell to them, but this one smells so good! I ditched the latex gloves in the box and used my mitt instead, and I found it to be a streak-free, easy application. What I didn’t like about this product, though, is how dark it was on my skin.”

Sarah’s Review: “Everybody loves to look tan and self tanners such as Fake Bake are a great way to achieve this. I love the shimmer aspect of Fake Bake and that it smells like cupcakes. However, I have blonde hair and fair skin; for me the color was way too dark, and I had a hard time  washing off the product completely. “

Fake Bake can be purchased at Amazon for amazing prices!

Do you have any summer tanning tips to share?

Fashionably Yours,

The Project Motherhood Team

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