Sunscreen For Children: How To Develop a Healthy Routine

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This post is sponsored by Neutrogena. Thanks for supporting Project Motherhood!

I will admit it, I really wasn’t good to my skin growing up. I was always focused on whatever might in the moment make me tan or get rid of pesky acne. I never really thought of the longer term health of my skin until I got older. Becoming a parent is really humbling in that way because we start teaching these lessons that were passed onto us by our parents, but we thought we were too cool to hear. So here I am, focusing on sunscreen for children and developing healthy routines for making it a priority to them. Spoiler alert: I found a really great, easy way that will make your moments beach or poolside this summer way less stressful.


Despite everything that we know about sun safety and care, skin cancer is still a very real and scary thing – but can be avoided if we take proper precautions. In the United States, 350 people are diagnosed with this terrible disease every hour, so even more reason to choose the right sunscreen for children and your entire family in the sun, all year long. Because we turn to Neutrogena in our home for all our skin care needs, of course we turn to them when it comes to their fantastic sunscreen.

And to add a little bit extra amazingness to what they do, Neutrogena is launching the MimicMommy MOVEment, to rally moms to help change skin cancer statistics and raise the first generation of sun-safe children. Neutrogena teamed up YouTube stars the Holderness Family to encourage all to get up and DANCE their way to sun protected skin. Check out how in the new video here: The #MimicMommy Dance. To help support this important cause, Neutrogena will donate $10K to the Children’s Melanoma Prevention Foundation. (And you can check out my video if you keep scrolling!)

When we revealed to Branden a couple weeks ago that we would leaving for Orlando and visiting Universal Studios at the end of this month, right in time for summer vacation, I knew that having a whole arsenal of sunscreen to protect all of us against the Florida sun would be a necessity. For Branden and Chris, I’ll be hosing them down with Neutrogena® Beach Defense® every 80 minutes as we play by the pool. It provides beach strength broad spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection in a lightweight, fast absorbing mist, ideal for outdoor skin protection of the active family – especially kids ready to jump in the water!

For Blake, Neutrogena® Pure & Free® Baby Sunscreen SPF 50 is our go-to. I’ve learned recently how important it is to actually choose a sunscreen for babies that’s made for babies, and this provides 100% mineral sun protection that is made for baby’s delicate skin. I know that rubbing in the lotion can be difficult on a squirmy babe, so I put together a fun video demonstrating how we’re getting this little girl to mimic us right from the start. 

Yup, we did this with Branden when he was little, too! The easiest way to teach them and help these kids develop a healthy routine with sunscreen is to get them to follow your lead and then they want to do it themselves. After all, 99% of dermatologists agree that using sunscreen helps lower skin cancer risk and that’s a big enough number for me to take this sunscreen business serious. 


For me, I’ll be lathering Neutrogena® Sheer Zinc™ Sunscreen Lotion while poolside. Of course, I still want a tan while I’m laying out poolside in a couple weeks, but I’ve learned as an adult that there is a way to achieve that while still protecting my skin. 


I will admit, that I’ve become sunscreen obsessed as a parent. Admittedly, we use it more during the summer months, but I also make sure to buy our daily moisturizing lotions and my makeup with sunscreen in it to keep us protected during winter and fall, when skin cancer is still in full force. I hope that you all take part in Neutrogena’s campaign #MimicMommy and share how your littles are mimicking you apply your sunscreen for a healthy routine this summer.


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