Surviving Mommy Guilt

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Sometimes, I need to take a step back and really look at this whole “parenting thing.” I love being a mom, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture.

You become a parent to love, nurture, teach and foster your children until they are able to grow into self-sufficient adults.  Along the way though, in many cases, we lose sight of ourselves, our personal goals, and what we wanted to achieve personally out of life.

We then begin the quest for balance, which can be hard to attain as a mother, wife, employee, etc. We wear so many hats and are pulled in such numerous directions that the word “balance” can be a far off dream. Then, we try to schedule “me time,” and immediately are overcome with that horrible “mommy guilt” feeling, as if we should be spending that extra time with our precious rugrats.

I’m no expert, but these three simple steps have worked for me!


3 Steps to Surviving Mommy Guilt

Be kind to yourself.

There is nothing that can be said that will put a stop to your “mommy guilt” except for the fact that whenever you are taking time to put your wants or needs first, then you are able to be a better mom for your wee ones. I’m not suggesting putting yourself first always, because we all know how that would turn out! But, don’t be afraid to take a time out of your own and own up to the fact that you are doing it for you.

Tune out “the noise.”

Honestly, New York City can be one of the most judgmental cities around and we are all guilty of placing opinion on other mothers. It’s important to know when and why to tune out the judgmental “noise” and focus on yourself.


This is a new one for me, and by far the most important. Don’t be afraid to let those around you know what you need from them. If you need your babysitter to stay an extra hour so you can take a hot bath, do it. If you need your friend to watch both kids at your playground play date for 20 minutes so you can take a quick walk, do it! Lastly, let your partner know whenever you are feeling overwhelmed and need to step away.

Living in a society driven by technology means that you won’t miss anything important, as it will be caught on camera, so conquer your “mommy guilt” and live life to the fullest! How do you battle “mommy guilt?”

Looking for some fun games to play as a family? Giggles always help me feel renewed as a mom. Here are some of our favorites:

This post was originally published by Allison in Mommy Nearest Magazine.

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