Team Beauty Review: CapriClear Spray

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Happy Beauty Thursday!

Once a month our team has the opportunity to try out some new products that are about to go on sale in places like Ulta and, before they hit store shelves. Once we have each have a feel of these products, we share our feedback with you all. This week, we have all tested out CapriClear, a body spray that is all natural and made from 100% fractionated coconut oil. It is gentle and fragrance free, and accepted by the National Eczema Association–letting you know it’s a product that’s considered to be beneficial for your skin!

What We Thought Of CapriClear


 Kelly’s Review: “CapriClear Spray-On Moisturizer is light on my skin and soothes the dryness immediately. I love how all-natural the product is, but the formula felt somewhat greasy on my skin until I rubbed it in. I love the travel size, perfect for travel or throwing in your pocketbook or diaper bag!”

Allison’s Review: “This is a great product for the summer months because of how highly moisturizing it is! I agree with Kelly about its potential to be greasy, so I made sure to spray it on a couple hours before I was leaving the house to allow it to sink in and replenish my skin’s moisture. I also wish that it smelled more like coconut, but completely understand why they wanted this to be a fragrance free product. Lastly, both my husband and son have been sneaking squirts of the spray, so it’s clearly appealing to everyone in the family!”

Deborah’s Review: “I received CapriClear Spray-On Moisturizer with great interest due its single ingredient of coconut oil, which has been highly touted of late. I was immediately pleased by the soft sheen that simply looked and felt dewy on my skin, and  I am thrilled to find a product this natural that works so nicely to not only moisturize but add healthy benefits and a pretty glow to my skin.”

 CapriClear is available at Ulta for $10.99.

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