5 Chic Over-Sized Bags For Women While Carting Kids Around

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Okay, I think we can all agree on one thing: our bag is pretty much an extension of ourselves. The bag we carry goes wherever we go and is filled to the brim with everything important in our lives. I separate bags for women into a few different categories which apply to different situations or events in my life. First, of course, is the diaper bag, the necessary accessory for anyone with a baby from infancy up to about a year and half. (Yes, there are a few out there that could be considered as “fashionable”.) Second, there are day to day bags, which are medium-sized, pretty on the eyes, and able to hold all of the items that I need whenever I am at work or out and about without my family. Third, there are the nighttime bags, which are sexy little bags that are purchased to match a specific outfit for a night on the town. Then, there are the Mama Bags – the most important bags for women of them all. 

By terminology a la Allison Cooper, we can define Mama Bag as follows:

Mama Bag– (noun)

1. An over-sized bag that is used as a combination diaper bag and day to day bag. It it highly fashionable, versatile, and practical. It is most likely adorned with many pockets to hold items such as: wallet, diapers, wipes, cosmetics, cell phone,  shopping lists, and diaries. It does not scream “Diaper Bag!”

2. Plural usage Mama Bags: meaning that a Mama can have more than one, even an entire closet full.

Now, Mama Bags aren’t necessarily built specifically for Mamas, but can be found in a plethora of non-maternity specialty shops, fashion stores, or accessory departments of larger stores. I find many bags for women that range from designer to inexpensive that are chic and over-sized enough to carry all of my “Mama Stuff.” I have been a HUGE fan of the Mama Bag since my little man turned one and a half and didn’t require me to lug around a huge diaper bag, so I have put together a list of the best of the best

5 Classic Bags For Women

bags for women

1. Rebecca Minkoff Moto Satchel Top Handle Bag

I love how edgy this bag for women is! It does come in a cross body, but there is just something powerful about the top handle version. While it is priced at $335 (gulp, I know), you will carry it for years and years to come. And just a little hint – the read one is currently on sale at Amazon for only $198, click here. 

2. kate spade new york Candace Mini Satchel

I love the two tone colors in this bag and how it’s neutral palette will match everything in your closet. And being only $127 right now at Bloomies makes this the perfect time to buy!

3. Michael Michael Kors Medium Fulton Slouchy Shoulder Bag

Only $104 right now at Bloomies, this leather slouchy bag will be the one you want to pick up time after time no matter where you’re heading!

4. Furla Gaia Large Leather Tote

You guys – this Furla bag will hold it all, seriously! Only $279 from Bluefly, this can easily double as your diaper bag, too.

5. Burberry Bag

I can’t help but be partial to Burberry because my husband got me a similar bag as my push gift whenever I gave birth to Branden. But I will promise this: they last forever and our worth the extra dough. And honestly, plaid goes with everything. So the bag is $606, but start saving now and when it’s in your hands it will feel worth it!

I hope that you all love these chic bags for women as much as I do. A classic bag will never go out of style and can be your go-to year round, and I personally love to buy a great bag and then not need to update for at least a year. If you aren’t quite sure about the do’s and don’ts of investing (or splurging) in fashion, I have the ultimate guide here for making your purchase wisely. What is your go to?

Fashionably Yours,



  1. L. Somma says:

    This is probably as stupid question but. . . Do all of these bags have to be ordered on-line or can someone from a small town find these at a Dept. store? Thanks for the great suggestions.

  2. Allison Cooper says:

    Nope! Most bags can be bought at department stores!

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