The Importance of Sleep For Health and Families, Too

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What’s the one thing that can make or break your day? Sleep! But like many, you’re probably not getting enough. Here’s the importance of sleep for health and families, too.

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importance of sleep for health

The Importance of Sleep For Health and Families, Too

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Our family is just like every family out there: our bed is pretty much the hub of the household. It’s the glue that holds our family together. We hang out here, we watch movies together here and we even sometimes eat dinner here (oops). Our littles sometime crawl into bed with us, though are mostly pretty good about being in their own beds. Sometimes though, it seems like we’re doing everything else here besides sleep (ya moms, I know you’re feelin’ me). So today, I’m sharing the importance of sleep for health, in an effort to remind myself and you all, just how important it really is for your whole family. If your goal is to be healthier allover, here’s some great tips to get you started from the inside out, too. 

The Importance of Sleep For Health

Whether you are ready to admit it or not – sleep impacts every single part of your life and even your bodily functions. Want to lose weight? Have energy to hit Barre class three times a week? Run around at the park with your kids? Be able to stay awake for date night with your husband? The answer is sleep.

It all comes down to sleep helping you always be the best version of yourselves. Take our life for instance – bringing a new baby home back in August totally rattled both my husband’s and my sleep routines completely. We have since gotten back on track and found a routine with Blake that works best for us so that we can get the most out the hours when we do get to catch some Zzzzs, but without that we would be lost. Neither of us would be able to perform during the day that way we need to for work, for taking care of our family, for keeping our home in check and even being able to enjoy our downtime – it all boils down to sleep.

How We’re Getting Better Sleep

This crazy crew of mine and I have completely immersed ourselves in the importance of sleep lately, which for me included a whole lot of making smarter choices with the things we buy to help us get our best sleep. Reverie,  a brand that believes that sleep is an essential part of being at your best, knows that finding the right support system (mattress, base, pillows, power base, etc) helps to fuel your best night sleep, and after implementing their system in our home, I completely agree.

When Blake turned just a couple months old, I knew we needed to make some changes with our bedding and turned to the experts at Reverie to help me along the way. I learned that their sleep systems are unlike any other, as they are completely customizable to the needs of both you and your partner. They use their patented DreamCell™ technology, which is what allows for the individualization and your positioning can be easily shifted with the touch of a button.

So here we are, in the focal point of our home, as a family and making sleep a priority in our health. Since we’re still so close to the beginning of 2017, I challenge you all to make sleep more of a priority in your life. Take note of the importance of sleep in all areas and let that guide you to this being a #newyearnewyou project.

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  1. Sleep is so important. My kids are older (6, 9, and 11), but I still am not sleeping like I did pre-kids. I am wondering if my mattress could be better….. I’ll check out Reverie!

  2. I never knew how important sleep was until I became a parent. It’s so important and can really make or break your day! Definitely need to check out Reverie!

  3. More sleep was a part of my new year new me too! But I haven’t stuck to it. 😢

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