The Journey of Motherhood

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As we celebrate Moms this month (yes, month! We deserve more than a day!) I thought that it would only be appropriate for me to take a second to jot down a little rambling of what being a Mother means to me. I get so excited whenever I scroll through my Facebook newsfeed or receive text messages that my friends are pregnant and about to embark on the journey of motherhood. There are so many exciting (and irritating) things to learn, plan for, and experience along the way! Essentially, being a mother is really a job that is a combination of chef, housekeeper, activities coordinator, advice giver, and allover household manager. But, its also so much more than that.

Motherhood is a test. It is a test of strength, weakness, focus, and so much more each and every single day. You do really learn who you really are as soon as you hold that new baby in your arms. If you think that you had it all figured our before kids, throw those thoughts out the window because your world will turn upside down!

For me personally, motherhood is so exciting because I get to be this amazing role model in my son’s life. I have the opportunity to love him with all my might, and help guide and shape him into the person that he is destined to be when he is all grown up. I love when he comes to my husband and I for advice on simple things such as how to best clean up the mess that he just made, and I hope that that openness and honesty continues as he gets older. I hope that he always feels like he can come to us with the hard life questions.

Motherhood truly is a journey that lasts each and everyday of your life, some good and some bad, some easy and some hard. Either way it is a remarkable experience that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

What does motherhood mean to you?

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  1. L. Somma says:

    Although I’m not a mother I am truly amazed when I think about how my own mother showers me with unconditional love. Mothers are a special breed!!!!!

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