The Simple Secret of Style

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Fashion Week has come to a conclusion, and I have been watching an awful lot of fashion shows! There are obviously designers and shows that I liked overall better than others, and certain ones that I always look forward to seeing year after year. Watching these shows always make specific trends stand out to me, since I can see them recurring on the runways of many different designers, and then I, of course, take note. But this year, a completely different observation stood out to me.

Instead of directing my focus only to the looks that were sent down those prestigious runways, I decided to pay more attention to what the designers themselves were wearing as they came out to take their final bows before the audience, while the fashion press went running back stage. As I carefully examined their ensembles, I couldn’t help but notice the level of simplicity in the way that the designers were dressed, especially compared to what they had just sent down the runway. They were all adorned in very understated looks that reflected their uniquely personal style, yet presented as quite effortless.


I think that designers ability to dress in a way that they know works for them comes from years of experimenting with different looks and then figuring out what their personal style really is. What works for one person may not work for another, but truly knowing what works for you and then working it, goes a long way.

I know that I personally feel more confident about myself and have a better outlook on the world, whenever I love the look that I wearing when I leave my apartment. (I also notice there is always a bonus gust of confidence that comes with showing off a new article of clothing or accessory!) Overall, I am able to always be at my personal best whenever I am feeling confident. Confidence is sexy no matter what you are wearing. Period.

My Simple Secret of Style

This new discovery has brought on a new motto for myself (or more so for my closet):

“Look to the runway for inspiration, look to the designer for translation.”

This new “secret of style” mindset puts a lot into perspective about the world of fashion and the world of retail. Many pieces featured in high end fashion shows are not cost effective to be mass produced nor easily integrated into any wardrobe. There are many looks going down the runway at Fashion Week season after season that are just more easily used as inspirational pieces where elements of them are adopted into our wardrobes.

We must of course first remember that these shows are intended to attract attention and for designers to strut their creativity. But the important part is that if the designers love these avant garde pieces enough to feature them as part of their collections, they will also love them enough to wear the understated version in their daily wardrobes. Appearing on stage afterwards is their message to us… “This is how to wear my clothes!”

Therefore, I challenge you, my fashion loving Mamas, to look to the runway for inspiration and translate the look into something that you can wear in your everyday life!

What is your favorite runway to realway look? Comment below!

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Fashionably Yours,



  1. Great advice. Personally, anything I see on the runway has to be adapted to my petite frame which is another consideration.

  2. P Pasquino says:

    Wonderful new motto! I always feel much more confident when I have something new
    to wear. It doesn’t have to be expensive but the fit is important too.

    Love your articles, they make my day…..keep them coming

  3. This is so true!! Great tips momma! Xo ~ Megan

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