The Ultimate Morning Routine For a Guaranteed Productive Day

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I feel like I have been allover and nowhere all at the same time. Ever feel like that? Almost like things are rushing all around me, yet I’m standing still in time. It’s been an “off month” to say the least with the blizzard hitting NYC, almost daily issues with Branden’s bus driver (if you follow me on Facebook, you know of my rants), and just trying overall to get back on a better routine after the holidays came to an end.

Motivation has been something that has been missing, but I can honestly say that I am able to achieve more and actually get enthusiastic about what I’m getting done whenever a routine is implemented. Like I mentioned in my 2016 goals, one of my resolutions was being more productive, so I set out to develop the ultimate morning routine for a guaranteed productive day that is helping me keep myself on track and kick productivity in the ass! Yes, there are those out-of-whack mornings that you just can’t control, but having this structure ingrained in your mind will help and leave you feeling a lot less mommy guilt.

My Ultimate Morning Routine

There is nothing like getting into the perfect morning routine to kick start your day!

1. Wake up early.

I’m sure that most of you have kiddos, so this is something that already happens naturally in your home. But if not, or if you don’t have early risers, I can’t recommend enough getting up a little bit earlier than you actually need to be and taking a moment to connect with yourself and your day.

Branden baby

Just as busy as a toddler as he is now!

Whenever B was little, he stopped taking naps at age 2 (I know, gasp!). It was really hard for me to get freelance writing projects done with him demanding my full attention. So my solution was to wake up at 5am every week day, get an hour and a half of work in, and then wake him up at 6:30. This way he was tired enough to take an afternoon nap. Mornings to myself made a huge difference in my quality of life and I promise it will for yours, too!

2. Develop a healthy eating/drinking routine that you can stick to.

This is crucial to me in order to have a productive day. If I start off my putting crap into my body, I’m going to have a crappy day – simple as that. I know that there will always be mornings that you can’t stick to the same eating routine, but make sure there is something that becomes routine about what you are ingesting first thing in the morning. I posted this on Instagram last week about one thing that has become a part of my every morning:

This simple mixture of honey, fresh grated ginger, lemon, and hot water has become my saving grace in the morning (along with coffee, of course) to detox my body first thing in the day and help clean out my system. In fact, I start my morning with an awful lot of liquids such as a glass of water, ginger tea, and a large cup of coffee (I take mine with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and 2 tsp of organic coconut sugar). Getting those in my system have become a part of my life, while I’m doing my social media catching up first thing after I get Branden off on the bus. Then, I can have my healthy breakfast, which is typically my favorite overnight oats or oatmeal energy bites. I need all the wholesome I can get to help my productivity level!

3. Set aside 5 minutes to plan your day.


This is what my little area on my bed always looks beside me. Lots of notebooks and post-its, and magazines for inspiration! (My favorite notebooks are these Peter Pauper Press Hardbound ones.) I typically plan out my daily tasks in detail for the week, otherwise I forget about important things. But, taking 5 minutes in the morning to collect your thoughts and jot down a little list of what you need to accomplish makes a huge difference in your productivity.

4. Get moving!


Even in this snowy weather, I make sure that I get my body moving for at least 15 consecutive minutes each morning, and then do more intense workouts 3 days a week. Even if it’s too cold to get outside, turn on your favorite morning show and walk in place with some wrist weights to get that heart rate up! You will instantly feel energized and ready to take on those tasks you just listed.

Lastly, getting yourself into a somewhat organized state the night before always helps tremendously. I find that if our morning is “off” then I have a hard time getting myself centered again. Then, those become the days where I just say “eff it” and promise myself that there will be a better tomorrow….then I kick back and turn on The View. What’s your ultimate morning routine? Let’s chat about it on Facebook!

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  1. I’m up at 5 every morning no matter what and no matter where I am. It’s just what my body is used to.> There a glass of water on my nightstand so I can hydrate right away, Then I spend at least a half hour with God before doing a workout. Then I eat a protein rich breakfast and I am energized and ready to focus on everything I need to do. I LOVE my morning routine 🙂

  2. I get up crazy early. I have to. I need the quiet time to get us all off on the right foot.

  3. Ronda Ames says:

    I don’t have a healthy routine but after reading this I’m going to plan a healthy morning routine. Thanks for the tips.

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