These Boots Were Made For Walking…

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Alright, I’m not afraid to admit it: I am a bootoholic. This may be a made up illness, but every year at this time, my collection of coveted boots seems to grow, and grow! Don’t get me wrong, I love my stilletos and the way they make my legs look long (which they are not) in my skinny jeans, but I am partial to fall and the boot trends that it brings.

Since my boot shopping for fall 2012 started way back in August whenever the annual Nordstrom Anniverary Sale was taking place, I thought I would share with you what is on my boot radar this season and why!

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This is the boot that started it all for me this season, the MICHAEL Michael Kors Hamilton Riding Boot from Nordstrom. This is a practical boot that I will most likely be living in this season. Easy to walk around the city, durable, and chic. I also love the gold hardware because it pops and makes them look even more classic. If you were lucky enough to get these during the Anniversary Sale, then you got them for almost $100 off the retail price, but they currently retail for $274. 95. A true winner and closet staple for every Mama! You don’t always need a heel to look sexy.

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These little babies only got away from me because they didn’t have my size at the crazy Macys in Herald Square. If you are a fan of Frye, these are a femenine alternative to their more structured look. They are a little bit pricy at $298, but they will last your entire life! The sales woman told me that these are exclusive to Macys, so keep checking back for a re-stock….I know I will!

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I love a good bootie and I love Nine West, so these are winners in my book! The wedge makes the heel a little bit more tolerable and they just reek of sexiness! These retail for $119, and are perfect for a fall night out on the town, Mamas!

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I’m a big fan of Victoria’s Secret clothes and shoes, not so much their lingerie. My favorite parts are the embellishment and the wedge heel.These boots are by their shoe designer, Colin Stuart, and I think they are totally fab! They are currently $158, which I consider a little pricey for a boot that is more trendy than classic, but VS is always running sales and promotions, so I would keep checking back and then pounce whenever you are ready!

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These Giuseppe Zanotti’s are not in most people’s price range, and certainly not mine, but they sure are pretty to look at. The red with gold hardware will turn all heads as you strut your stuff down the street, whether you are holding a diaper bag or a hand bag. At $1, 360, they certainly are fun to lust over!

What fall boots are you lusting over this year?

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