There’s A New Clean In Town

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This post was sponsored by NEW! Tide purclean as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. 

Yes, my “Pittsburghese” came out a little bit in this blog post title. While there are many things that have changed in my life since moving to “the city,” I’m still a Pittsburgh girl at heart. I guess that you could say that I have grown up a lot since moving here, becoming a wife and mom and essentially – my own person. I make decisions on my own that work best for my family and I, and once that decision has been made I stick to it through and through. One major change that I have made over the years is really turning towards an Eco-friendly lifestyle in every way possible, so  I’m super excited that my go-to for laundry has just released their new Tide purclean!


Available at Target (my favorite!), Tide purclean is the first bio-based detergent that still uses the power of Tide, yet is Certified by the USDA BioPreferred Program. It is new to the market and new to our home and I am loving it! Plus, it comes in the amazing fragrance of Honey Lavender and it pretty much doesn’t get any better than that. I’m not gonna lie either – when we got to Target to pick this up, the shelf was completely empty except for a few bottles, so I think that says a lot about how excited NYC is about this new laundry detergent. Not to fear though, I did turn the corner down the aisle and found another display that was fully stalked and made sure to stalk up myself. (I know, I resemble a beached whale in this picture – Baby C coming soon!)


As I have mentioned in the past, we send our laundry out to be cleaned. I know this can sound a little ludicrous to some, but I always justify it by adding that it costs the same as us sitting around all day and doing it ourselves at the corner laundry mat. So when we are packing up our laundry, Tide purclean goes right along with it! Check out THIS DEAL that is available on the Target Cartwheel app for 5% off your purchase of Tide purclean – expires July 30th =  get an extra $1 off using the neckhanger coupon!

tide-purclean-logoSo, the full lowdown on this product is this: we need a laundry detergent that will actually get out stains (did I mention that summer somehow brings on more of them – it does!), but also puts our environmentally conscious mind at ease – this does both! You don’t need to change your routine at all, just use it like the normal Tide that you know and love and you will totally take summer head on!

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