Time For An Upgrade

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Truth: five years ago whenever we moved back to the city, my husband drifted away one day and came home with a “surprise.” He bought a Camaro as our family car. Yup, at this time, Branden was still in a baby car seat and I was wincing at the thought of getting him in and out from the backseat from this two-seater. This was not a fun surprise for me, but a toy him. So fast forward to our current situation: two littles in car seats and a whole lot of inconvenience. It’s time for an upgrade.


With the birth of little Blake, my husband and I are finally on the same page about the car (probably because he’s experiencing the inconvenience with a newborn plus one) and we are ready to trade in the Camaro for something more family-friendly. Buh-bye Camaro, you’ve had a good run, but we need something better for our family, and we’re going to find that with the Capital One Auto Navigator site.


It’s really no secret that families are busy. We have so many schedules to worry about and buying a new family car really needs to work for everyone. Yes, mommy and daddy will be footing the bill, but it’s gotta be a vehicle that takes kids, (pets if you have them), lifestyle, and of course – safety, into consideration. What’s been so great about the Capital One Auto Navigator site is that is takes all of that into consideration and really is a “one-stop-shop” (my favorite term!) for all things auto related.

What can you do on the website? It allows you to do basically everything that needs to be done to finance your perfect new or used vehicle in one place. You are able to quickly find out what you are approved for in minutes (without it affecting your credit score), look into different car payment options, personalize your financing before even visiting the dealer and most importantly – but your new vehicle with confidence.


With big changes in life comes change that trickles down to other areas. For us, a two door sports car just isn’t cutting it with an eight year old who has legs that are growing like weeds and an infant car seat that makes the whole ride a tight squeeze. It’s time for the Cooper family to finally buckle down and start exploring our options.

Are you looking for an upgraded vehicle? I would love to hear how the process is going for you!

Fashionably Yours,


**This is a sponsored post. As always, opinions are my own.**



  1. I feel you! When my quads were born we had to switch to a 15 passenger van so there’d be enough room for 5 car seats, plus the quad stroller, plus the occasional bag of groceries 😉

  2. We just upgraded to a third row vehicle so that we could tote the kids, dogs, and friends. I was tired of not having enough room for everyone!

  3. I had a beetle when I had my son. Learned very quickly that I needed a bigger car!

  4. I upgraded a year or so ago. I love my new vehicle!

  5. We had 3 kids in the back of a 4 door Toyota Camry until the little one was almost 2. And that was pretty hard because — 3 kids right next to each other and I had to make sure 3 car seats fit! That was 4 years ago, we went minivan and I never looked back. I love it. Enough room so no one touches each other! We put the big one in the back so he could have space and it was a huge success. Good luck! It’s not easy, and it looks like Capital One’s Auto Navigator can help make it a little smoother (we are Capital One customers),

  6. Ive done the whole baby in a two door and its not fun! I have a car big enough for our big family but its time to upgrade for a newer roomier one.

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