For Those Times When Mom Needs A Break

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Well, let’s be honest here: mom deserves a break every single day, but that doesn’t always mean that we get it, unfortunately. With kids needing something pretty much every second of the day and the rest of the world needing things in between (and cue the countless emails, refrigerator that never seems to stay full and bathroom that never seems to stay clean), breaks can be far and few in between. For me, I look for those little, quiet moments when Branden is at school and Blake is either sleeping or interested in something just long enough for me to have a moment to collect my thoughts and recharge. Even if it’s just 5 minutes, I need that moment for me.

I’ve shared my coffee addiction with you all, which definitely stems from having two busy kids plus working full time. I know that you all can relate to how busy motherhood is. I try to share glimpses of my life with you all so I will be honest – days out and about aren’t always part of my daily routine. I try to work hard Monday-Friday so that weekends are free, but that doesn’t mean that they always are. And since the weather has gotten nice, I try to take Blake out in the city or to our local park during my work week so she doesn’t get bored. The struggle is real! Which is why  I’m super excited to share with you my latest find that I enjoy while taking my quick mom breaks that combines caffeine and a little something sweet: Cafe Breaks.

They come in 4 different flavors: mocha latte, caramel latte, vanilla latte and chai latter and are available in the pudding aisle of most grocery stores. Because of the flavors, it really does transport you while you’re eating and make you think that you’re in a cafe somewhere instead of your living room, on a play date or at the park. But what I love most (beyond the flavor and caffeine boost) is how they are easily transported and fit right into my diaper bag along with everything else.

These are my favorite kinds of breaks of all. I love sitting in the middle of Central Park and having a moment to chill, pop open a Cafe Breaks and revel in some sweetness and a caffeine boost that kicks in shortly after. It’s moments like these that make t all worth it!

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