Tips For Eating Healthy On a Tight Budget

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Mom to mom: being a parent is expensive! We want what’s best in our families bodies, so here’s my tips for eating healthy on a tight budget.

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Tips For Eating Healthy On a Tight Budget

Most days, it completely blows my mind how much these kids cost, right? In the beginning you have a baby shower where so much is given to you, but then they are born and start to grow (and they grow so fast!) and they go through everything so quickly. And of course, we don’t even bat an eyelash spending what we do because…well…they’re our babies and we want the best for them. Because of this, I have become a master budgetter, which I feel like I owe to my mom. She kept a family of 6 clothed and fed while eating healthy on a tight budget and I’ve learned to do the same.

Even though I might look like I always have it pulled together on the outside, behind closed doors I’m totally the mom who checks our bank account on a daily basis and puts us on a budget each week so that we’re able to survive in this expensive world. Both my husband and I work viciously to support our family and making sure that what goes into our bodies is clean and nutritious (I’m no sanctimommy though as this is within reason – treats are certainly allowed, too!) is where a lot of our funds are allocated – eating healthy on a tight budget is important to us. One major takeaway that I’ve learned over the years is that real, experienced moms use Parent’s Choice.


How we are eating healthy on a tight budget

Honestly, it’s easier than you think to prioritize eating healthy on a tight budget so that you don’t need to make any sacrifices.

1. Allocate a food budget each month.

I would be lost each month if I did allocate a food budget. Each month is different. Some months are longer and some months have holidays with extra special meals that require more things to be bought. Because of this, I sit down every month and plan out what I’ll need to spend to keep our family of four fed and healthy each month, and you need to first start by figuring out what that number is that works for you and your family – and stick to it!


2. Shop online as much as you can.

This is key for me. If we go to a grocery store, we end up throwing things in the cart and then my eyes bug out whenever I get my total at the checkout. Shopping online gives you more control over exactly how much you’re spending. I LOVE that all items from Walmart’s Parent’s Choice brand is available online with organic options that are perfect for our little Blake. This makes my life so much easier.

3. Learn a little bit more about the word “organic.”

Organic can kind of be a buzzy word as of lately and something that we know we should be buying, but don’t always know why. For me, it boils down to this: if the food item has a skin that I’m peeling (i.e. a banana) then I won’t be buying it organic, but if its packaged (like our favorite Parent’s Choice organic food pouches) or has a skin we eat, we buy organic. It’s a great way to avoid overspending in certain areas that you don’t need to and stick to eating healthy on a tight budget.


4. Buy products that fit into your lifestyle.

For me, I balance working from home with chasing after a busy toddler all day which is not easy by any means. While I wish sometimes that I was able to whip up gorgeous meals for her everyday (if you check out my Instagram stories, I try to share her toddler lunch a few times a week), it just doesn’t fit into my lifestyle. Instead, I need to have foods on hand that work for us, which is why we are completely obsessed with Parent’s Choice organic food pouches. 

I love how with these Blake can get a great mixture of real fruits and vegetables without any artificial flavors, ingredients or GMOs. And as an added bonus – these pouches are actually reclosable which is something I’ve not noticed many other brands have that is a huge win for me when we’re running errands or she just get’s interested in something else at home. And of course, they’re made with BPA free packaging.

Choosing products that fit into your lifestyle allows you to avoid spending more money where you don’t need to be. For instance, because I know how much these Parent’s Choice organic food pouches are a part of my everyday, it keeps me from spending more money on something else that will satisfy her hunger that might not be so healthy while we’re on the go. Smart thinking ahead is so important to me when eating healthy on a tight budget.


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I really, really get how expensive being a parent can be and it’s something you don’t fully understand until you’re experiencing it. Turning to Parent’s Choice over and over again has truly been a lifesaver when it comes to eating healthy on a tight budget and I know that it will make an impact on your bank account, too.

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  1. This is definitely something to keep in mine. I am trying to get us to eat healthier but they can be very expensive. I have not seen these in the store if I can find, we will definitely use them.

  2. These are seriously awesome tips. I think making a budget each month definitely helps me!

  3. I need to bookmark this. Eating healthily is important, but it can get very expensive. Unfortunately, the junk is generally the cheapest. Thanks!

  4. I always tell people eating healthy on a budget is doable. Sometimes you just have to go to more than one store and search for those coupons!

  5. It can be tough to eat healthy on a tight budget but the point that you mentioned are all great! I think having a budget planned out really helps keep food spending in check.

  6. Shopping online is a great way to save money. I have been making a food budget for a few months now and love it. I have been surprised at how healthy we have been able to eat. It does not have to cost a lot.

  7. What a cute little girl. Eating healthy on a budget is one of my biggest issues too.

  8. We love eating organic. Our stores around us are really organic friendly too so it makes it even easier.

  9. Parent’s Choice is a great brand. I know I used this product when my kids were young. There is so much more variety now. I haven’t tried grocery shopping online but it is a great idea. We always buy more than was planned.

  10. Wonderful ideas! We like to plan out our week of meals and then shop for what we need. It’s easier to fit into a monthly budget this way.

  11. So cute little girl! These are really helpful tips for mommies! Thanks for sharing!

  12. I have actually found that we eat healthier when I’m on a tight grocery budget. I end up making more things from scratch and paying closer attention to our snacks.

  13. Money totally gets tight around the holidays and it always makes it somewhat difficult to afford the healthier foods for our fridge and cabinet. I totally hear you!

  14. Great tips and great product too. It’s is super important to keep the fiances real, specially when the family is growing and during the holidays.

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