Tired of being tired? 10 Ways for Moms to Maximize Energy

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Is there any battle we face as mothers more challenging than fighting fatigue? We Mamas tend to give in to what we see as a fact –  that once we have a baby, we are going to be exhausted every single morning, noon, and night. And what about trying to actually DO something about how tired we are? Well, that’s just laughable – we can barely keep it together with the insane demands of being a mom anyway, without adding something else to our plates.  But therein lies our biggest and most common Mom mistake – giving in to fatigue. But sometimes, in order to turn something around you have to let yourself deeply feel the frustration. So let your feelings out and get down and dirty with how totally tired you are of being tired, and voila! You will have the boost you need to actually do something…and try some ways for moms to maximize energy.

We know that fatigue is a tough adversary!  But today we want to encourage all you exhausted Mamas to soldier on. To that end, we are providing 10 workable ways for moms to maximize energy. (Warning: some of these may change your life!)

Tired of Being Tired? 10 Ways for Moms to Maximize Energy 

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1. Get up earlier. Yes, I said that. Get up earlier to feel less tired??? WTF! But ya know, getting up twenty minutes earlier each and every day to do some meditation to ease you into your day with clarity, affirmation, and peace – well it just may be exactly what you need. Or if meditation isn’t your thing, start your morning with prayer. Or read an inspirational chapter from a book by your guru of choice, someone like Deepak Chopra, Maya Angelou, or Joel Osteen. And you’ll love our morning facial glow treatment for spring that’s getting lots of love on Project Motherhood! Grabbing time for yourself first, before anyone else is awake, well it’s simply genius, because then you will never have a single day when you didn’t do something for your own self-care!

2. Limit the caffeine. WHAT?! But wait, I’m not saying “no coffee”. I’m saying that if we start our day with it, and then drink it all day – instead of drinking water, instead of having breakfast or even lunch – then coffee becomes an energy sapper and you become immune to its positive effects. Have two nice big mugs and then walk away. Then by mid-afternoon, if you need it, have another cup. When you haven’t been desperately guzzling it all day, coffee will actually help your energy.

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3. Get a gym membership or personal trainer. Exercising is a commitment to ourselves.  Not just to our bodies, but to our minds. But when we don’t make working out part of our schedule, it gets pushed aside whenever push comes to shove. And then here comes that downward spiral of cursed fatigue! Recently, I read that exercising vigorously for one full hour 3 times per week boosts not only energy but health in general. Sounds doable, right?! Now that I’ve embraced the manditory-ness of my Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday water aerobics class, I have noticed a definite change in my energy and my mood. (Not sporting Michelle Obama arms just yet, but I’m working on it!) So schedule it. Put it into your google calendar. And if you still don’t go, then book a very much in demand personal trainer who you can’t cancel without major guilt. (Oh and btw – most gyms and fitness clubs have child care.)

4. Small meals, lots of them. Did you ever notice how your eating ties in with your energy level? How when you are really really tired you just keep eating and eating and eating? The body is trying to attain some equilibrium, but too much food isn’t the answer. Nor is skipping meals. So do some mindful eating by neither waiting too long, nor pigging out every second you can. When you do eat, try to eat slowly and chew well. And then wipe your mouth daintily with a napkin, and walk away.

5. Healthy energy foods. Veggies. Fruits. Nuts.  Protein. Some healthy fats, some pro-biotic Greek yogurt.  Real food, unprocessed. Locally sourced and Organic when possible, no GMO’s – you know what to do! Keep an eye on the latest trends in healthy eating…watercress, kale, pomegranates, chia seeds, the ancient whole grain of quinoa…these trendy-for-a-reason foods actually can make a huge difference to your energy. Try to avoid fast foods, and on days when you don’t have time to cook, buy prepared foods with five or less ingredients on the label. Trader Joe’s has some yummy Indian foods in packets that meet this criterion for healthier convenience foods. You WILL notice the energy difference once you cut out as many additives as possible.

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6.  Take an afternoon tea break, with dark chocolate. This English ritual makes a lot of sense.  Revitalizing with tea and having some sustainable snacks, like a bowl of pistachio nuts, almonds, and our beloved dark chocolate to go along with it…ahhhhh! This is something you can do with your kids, while actually sneaking in a much needed break midday. And after your little tea party, you’ll get back to your work revived. May I pour you some Green tea?

7. Cut back on the vices. Toxic friendships qualify as vices, just saying. Is there anything that sucks energy more?! And cigarettes also suck energy while polluting your air. Alcohol stimulates and relaxes, but afterwards it is a total energy buster. By keeping vices in moderation, that glass of red wine turns into an antioxidant boost and pleasing reward after you get the kiddos off to bed. And one of the worst of the bad guy vices? Sugar! You know how sugar soars your energy up, only to let you down, and fast? Sugar crashes aren’t just for kids, so try not to even buy whatever your out of control weakness is, sugar-wise. For me, that means NEVER buying Malt Balls, Junior Mints, or M&M’s. Ever. Well, maybe at Christmas.

8. Supplement yourself.  This is a HUGE topic, worthy of a book or five. But to make an overwhelming amount of information simpler, pay attention to experts like Dr. Oz and Dr. Andrew Weil and what they have to say about vitamins, minerals, and other natural supplements. To show how much attitudes have changed about taking vitamins, doctors now ask you to include them on your medical history along with the pharmaceuticals you take. Sometimes I pick the brains of the friendly vitamin people at Whole Foods. I also work with a naturalistic health care provider who performs thorough diet and health evaluations, and I received some recommendations that address my health care needs, specifically improving my energy (due to that ailment that “doesn’t exist” – lol – fibromyalgia.) Important to note is that you must buy top quality supplements from a reputable source. For example, GNC just announced they will be testing and verifying that the vitamins and minerals in their products are pure.

9. Be realistic. Know that you are only human. Kind of superhuman, yes, since you are a mom! But still. Give yourself a break, and stop beating yourself up for what you can’t get crossed off your never-ending to do list.  That alone will give your energy a boost.

10. Then reach for the stars. Yes. That. Goals are our fuel. Desires are what we live for. Fantasies are our unconscious minds telling us where we really truly want to go. If you squelch these super-motivators, you are missing out on the Mothers of All Energy Boosters. So today, and every day, wallow in some dreams (with all intentions of manifesting them!)

If there’s one thing I want to leave you with, dear Mamas, it’s to be gentle with yourself. And at the same time, crack the whip on yourself a bit too. You CAN feel better, if you make the resolve to try. I’ve been there, to the dark, dreary land of fatigue and back. I know this works. I promise. It’s your life we are talking about!

Remember what Brendon Burchard says, “Only two things change your life. Either something new comes into your life, or something new comes from within.”

So, get tired of being tired. Today.  And, may every one  of you Mamas find your own source of strength and well-being as you tap into the energy that’s all around you. Start by looking in the eyes of one of your kiddos, and you’ll see it shining back at you. The energy is definitely there. Now grab it.

Fashionably and energetically yours,

XOXO Deborah



  1. I have found that eating well (limiting fats, carbs, sugars etc) has been the biggest help for me in increasing my energy. All of your tips are right on point!

    • Deborah Hetrick Catanese says:

      Thanks, Katie! Limiting those foods you mentioned got easier for me when I kept a food journal for just a few days and realized how the “little things” add up.

  2. Cut back on caffeine?!?! Oh no! I love my morning pot(s) of coffee. I will admit that I feel better when I”m hydrated so I should probably switch to water.

    • Deborah Hetrick Catanese says:

      I love coffee too! And on some ‘desperate days I still have more than I suggested!
      But all in all, I find I get more of a boost from my java now that I’ve cut my intake in half and then have some green tea instead.

  3. Great ideas! I am always up by 6:40am to get my kids up for school as they catch the bus at 7:40 down the streeet. I drink a lot of caffeine during the week (Dr Pepper), but could use cutting back on it for sure.

  4. Great tips whether you are a parent or not. I don’t have kids but can make use of many of these. Thank you

    • Deborah Hetrick Catanese says:

      That makes me very happy to hear, Patty. I was hoping someone who wasn’t a Mom would say that 🙂 We welcome everyone to our blog, and we do hope our tips are useful to many, Mamas or not..

  5. These are great tips! I think being tired is just part of motherhood but I could definitely deal with feeling less tired! I’ll be trying some of these out!

    • Deborah Hetrick Catanese says:

      Yes, I know, Jeannette. We all try to accept the tiredness bc everyone gets tired. And fighting it seems to backfire.

      I look at these tips as baby steps. Move in the right direction in small increments and then down the road you realize things have changed. Good luck!

  6. I joined a gym this year and it really has helped with my energy levels. Now I just need to work on cutting back on the caffeine, great tips!

    • Deborah Hetrick Catanese says:

      Making the gym a priority is such a great thing to do for oneself. Changes things a LOT. In fact, most people can see noticeable change in energy within a couple of weeks, if not sooner! Keep on keeping on, Ellen! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  7. This is a wonderful list! I agree that working out helps out with fatigue, because I know I always feel energized after a good workout.

  8. I don’t think I can ever cut back on coffee! lol Drinking more water is definitely something I can improve on thought.

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