Tokyo Baby Cafe–A New Mama’s Dream {Giveaway}

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Do you remember those new moments whenever you first held your wee one in your arms, taking new motherhood in with wonder? We slowly breathe in that credible new baby smell and make a silent promise to ourselves and to them that we will protect them from everything bad in the world. As they get a little bit older, we realize that it’s not possible to protect them from everything, as some things are just out of our mommy control. But, the things that we have control over, we want to make sure to protect our precious ones with all of our might.

For me, one of those things has always been making sure that we are using products in the house that are safe and that I can feel good being around my son. There are so many horrible products on the market that have harsh chemicals that are both harmful and unnecessary to ever touch their delicate skin–or ours for that matter! This is why I am some grateful to have been introduced to the wonderful Tokyo Baby Cafe!

Why We Love Tokyo Baby Cafe

Tokyo Baby Cafe was introduced to our team at this past Children’s Club Trade Show here in New York City, and we were instantly drawn in to the very natural, yet beautiful packaging–what can we say? We love beautiful things! But they are so much more than that!


Our new favorite products-Tokyo Baby Cafe!

These products originated in Japan, and are just being introduced here in the United States. They provide safe, sulfate-free, paraban-free and dye-free  “mommy and me” shampoos and conditioners for mom, baby, and big kids alike. (My son is obsessed with the smell and sits in the tub breathing it all in…he’s 6!). The products are all tear-free (a mother’s dream!) and derived from ingredients such as honey, olive oil, and shea butter–all combining to make them amazing for sensitive scalps.

I’m such a fragrance lover and can’t begin to tell you how happy I am to find something that my whole family can use, rid of all those horrible chemicals–and yet still smells good! And speaking of the whole 2-in-1 aspect, my life have been made easier by having products we can all share in the shower instead of separate ones for each of us–big time score!

Currently, they have three products on the market:

Children’s Shampoo-This comes out of a pump in a soft foamy consistency in a totally mesmerizing peach scent. (Yes, I use it too!)

Mom’s Shampoo & Conditioner set-This is lotus scented and even though it’s made for mom, it is delicate enough for baby as well! Gentle on hair and skin, this really makes your hair smell wonderful and feel super soft.

I can officially and honestly tell you all that we are obsessed with these products in our house, and I know that every mama out there will love Tokyo Baby Cafe just as much as we do! I wish that they had more products on the market such as lotions and oils that matched the fragrance of these shampoos and conditioner–hint hint!

The Giveaway

Since we love Tokyo Baby so much and want to share these amazing products with you all, they have partnered with us to give one Tokyo Baby gift set to one amazing Project Motherhood reader! The giveaway will start today and our winner will be chosen on Friday September 26th…good luck!
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**Project Motherhood was compensated to write this post. As always, all opinions are our own. **


  1. Dana Dailey says:

    What an amazing gift. I really love that it is sulfate free and had no other bad things in it. I have always wanted a set like this. Thank you for the chance.

  2. OMG, sulfate free. safe for baby. Wow, tokyo-baby-cafe-new-mamas-dream is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity.

  3. Oh this sounds amazing…wld love to try it

  4. Cynthia Sizemore says:

    This sounds like a wonderful and safe product.would love to try it

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