Top Five Disney World Tips for Mommy Bloggers

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disney 1“A Travel Mom’s Review to Maneuvering the Parks with Ease”

There is no more exiting trip for kids than a visit to Walt Disney World. Though we expect it to be a blast for children, going there can be a bit of a headache for parents. And the headache can become larger if you enter the parks unprepared. You can make the experience as enjoyable as possible for all of you by following these tips:

Disney World Tips

1. One of the best ways to ensure your kids have a good time is to take advantage of Character Dining at the resort. Imagine the thrills your children will experience when they have their dinner delivered to them by Cinderella or Mickey Mouse. This is an amazing experience that requires reservations well in advance, up to six months in advance for the most popular restaurants at the resort.

2. I recommend taking full advantage of the monorail service. The monorail runs between the Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center and all the surrounding Disney hotels and resorts, which are amongst some of the top hotels in Orlando. Guests who have monorail passes get to enter the park an hour earlier than the general public, and they also get to stay an hour later. A bonus of the monorail is that its gentle rocking motion is great for getting kids to take a nap during the journey.disney2

3. Parents should be sure to take advantage of the luxuries that are available to them at Walt Disney World. They have the ability to rent a stroller at the park if their toddlers get tired and cranky from walking. There are also air-conditioned baby care centers that are a great place to take your tiny ones to change their diapers or to let them cool off for a little bit from the Florida sunshine.

4. Be sure to do the research to make the trip go as smoothly as possible. Download an app to your smartphone that will show you the approximate waiting times at all of the rides, shows and attractions at the park. Have your kids get in on the excitement by doing some research of their own. They can look for and prioritize the things they really want to do and see while on vacation at Walt Disney World.

5. It is also worth considering buying a FASTPASS. This awesome perk allows holders to bypass the lines to get on rides and enter attractions immediately.

For those who do the proper research and planning, a trip to Walt Disney World will go smoother than creamy peanut butter. Parents will have as good a time as their children if they are relaxed by doing the proper planning for the vacation of a lifetime. I hope this review will help you this Spring break if you are your little ones are thinking of visiting the wonderful world of Disney.

March Guest Post By Kendra Thornton

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