Transitioning Into Fall Fashion

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Photo Credit: Evoking You

Photo Credit: Evoking You

It is my favorite time of year again! I absolutely love it when the evenings begin to get a bit cool, and you just know that fall is right around the corner! But, there are some aspects of this time of year, mostly the weather, that make getting dressed before you head out the door a bit more difficult. My husband and I always joke about it, because if you walk the New York City streets right now, you will see one person wearing a short tight skirt and flip flops, while another is in jeans and a coat. No one knows quite exactly what the weather will bring each day or whether grabbing some extra layers on your way out the door makes sense.

On the other hand, it doesn’t quite make sense to run out and start building your Fall 2013 wardrobe, especially whenever the sun is still brightly shining. It is the ultimate transitional period! So, to prevent any Mama Meltdowns as you are getting dressed in the morning, while trying to decide what to wear with a toddler hanging at your ankles, I wanted to share some tips that I use during this time of year.

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

  • Start mixing your bright summer colors with warm fall neutrals.
  • Integrate light weight scarves to add fun pops of color.
  • If it feels like a sweater kind of day, try pairing it with cropped jeans or pants.
  • Start pairing your favorite fall boots with your most loved summer dresses.
  • Don’t be afraid to carry forward the nautical trend, just throw a sold blazer or cardigan over your anchors and stripes.
  • Add minimal amounts of leather until it really gets colder outside.
  • Don’t forget about your colored denim!
  • Start mixing different weight of fabric, such as a long sleeve sweater with lace or sheer sleeves.  This way you won’t overheat.
  • Don’t throw your open-toed shoes to the back of the closet so soon; they are still totally acceptable!
  • Remember that your summer peplum blouses will look great with boots, too!
  • Keep your make-up fresh and light! No need to add dark tones and shades just yet!
  • Remember all those updos that you loved during the sticky summer months? Well, they look just as good with an over-sized cardigan as they did with a sundress!

I have also put together an inspirational “Transitioning Into Fall” board for you all on Pinterest that will give you some great visuals for many of these tips! You can find that here——>

What are your favorite transitional tips?

Fashionably Yours,



  1. Anyone on a limitied budget should consider how pieces will transition into the different seasons. I love buying basic black & white tops/shirts. They can be easily dressed up or down. Add a bright piece of jewelry or scarf and the look changes completely.

  2. I love all of these tips. Since I talk about frugal fashion on my site, transitional pieces are key for a great (and inexpensive) wardrobe. Thanks for sharing!

  3. those are beautiful fall transition pieces 🙂

  4. Love these looks! And your tips for mixing summer brights with warm fall neutrals.

  5. Thank you for your tips. I have fashioned-challenged.

  6. I am SO looking forward to Fall Fashions this year. Of course it is still 100+ degrees here – so I have a while LOL

  7. Thank you for the tips. I’m fashionably challenged to say the least. I love looking at fashion, but never know what would really look good on me. So I don’t really pay much attention to fashion trends except on TV.

  8. Fall fashion for me means changing from shorts to long pants. I wear sandals all year long unless it is just too cold, and then I might put on a pair of socks with them, I am so not a fashionista!

  9. stylelixir2013 says:

    Great finds!!

    Thank you for linking up with Style Sessions!

    Lauren xx

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