5 Tips For Transitioning Into Summer Style Mode #MomStyleMonday

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Happy Monday friends! I know I skipped my mom style post last week, but you know how it is when life gets busy….but I’m back. We just made a last minute decision to fly to Orlando this month and do the whole Universal thing (we’ll go back and do Disney when Blake is a little older) while I’m there for a blogging conference. I’m so effing excited, I’m practically bursting at the seams! I’ve been busy planning and adding a few new items to my wardrobe – which means switching my wardrobe from cold weather to warm weather.

So since we chatted about denim last week (such a chic way to up your mom style game – also, here’s tips for styling flared denim if that’s your jam!), I thought I would talk about transitions today, because this is what my closet is going through right now.

First, this outfit though! It’s been pretty much a staple for me as I’ve transitioned my wardrobe. In fact, this is what inspired me to talk about wardrobe transitioning tips today. These sandals are my typical Dolce Vita’s that I buy every year because I wear them to the ground. In fact, I’ll probably be wearing them as we walk around Universal all day. Jeans are my favorite leggings from No Nonsense (and more really exciting news to come about that!) and this Embroidered Flare Sleeve Blouse from Rosegal was probably my only spontaneous purchase this spring.
summer-style-mode-3And of course, to get into full summer mode, this little one is wearing this super sweet Carters Eyelet Top and Dot Print Shorts Set – something that I bought at full price in the beginning of the season because I had to have it. BUT IT’S NOW ON SALE FOR UNDER if you want to scoop it up for your babe!


When it comes to getting into full on summer mode, here’s my ultimate tips for getting your wardrobe ready:

Ditch anything heavy.

Send it off to your storage unit (we use Box Butler) or pack it away in the back of your closet or under your bed. I promise that you don’t need anything heavy at your fingertips during the warm weather months. Have a jacket in your closet and a couple cardigans and you will be good to go!

Keep layering pieces handy.

These you will need. Keep pieces like tanks, cardigans, your favorite denim bomber jacket handy so that they are easily accessible for the rare chilly days before the season has fully changed. These are especially great all summer long even if you’re nursing or still insecure about your postpartum body (I feel you mama!), layering can be your key to confidence until you’re fully there on your own. Psssst this is one of my favorite layering cardigans ever! 

Bring in the brights!

This is the time of year to start bringing out those bright colors and buying things other than black. Which is exactly what lead me to buy this blouse. A little color never hurt anyone and this is truly the time to slowly add it to your wardrobe.


Jeans are always in style.

I’m such a fan of denim of all kinds! I love my leggings, denim crops, flares and getting a new pair of American Eagle shorts for summer this week. Denim is king and it always will be, so pulling on a pair of jeans in the morning is totally acceptable no matter what the temperature is.

Follow my golden rule: 3/4 solids and 1/4 trends.

I love following new trends year round, but keeping basics in your wardrobe is important, too. My golden rule with my closet (no matter what the season), it to keep is 3/4 filled with my daily solids or basics that I’m always grabbing and dressing up with accessories and 1/4 focused on trends like embroidered dresses or knot front dresses. I do this because you can wear the same black tank over and over with a different necklace and no one will ever notice, but if you wear a patterned dress over and over, people can ultimately see your repeat pattern. It just makes my mom brain less crazed!

Overall, I just try to keep things simple and comfortable, because for at least the next 18 years I’ll be chasing kiddos around!

Fashionably Yours,

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