Treat….or Trick?

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Halloween this year was certainly something special! It was the first year that Branden was really excited for Halloween and we talked about it the entire month of October. We had the costume picked out (one of the robots from the movie Transformers), and Branden was really into the whole idea of actually trick or treating. I think that I actually woke up every morning in October to answer the question: Is today Halloween?

Since we live in a New York City apartment, trick or treating isn’t really the same as doing it in the suburbs when I was a child, so we had planned on going to the Greenwich Village Children’s Halloween Parade. This is the G rated version of the notorious Greenwich Village Parade that happens every year on Halloween in the evening. My idea was that we would attend the parade during the afternoon and be home in time for us to have a relaxing family dinner….wrong!

Instead, this year, we were tricked! But, there were treats as well. Due to Hurricane Sandy, the kid’s parade was cancelled for the first time in 39 years! Last night, as sweetly as I could, I explained to my very excited little man that there was to be a change of plans. With the subways still down, we were feeling very thankful that we were in a safe region and that we had a car in the city (a feeling we do not have as we drive around for hours looking for parking some days). Our plan was to make a family trip to Target in the morning to stock up on Halloween candy, goodies, and movies. Branden was allowed to be in his costume the ENTIRE day and eat as much as he wanted, while we played games and watched movies.

Unfortunately, when we woke up this morning, we found out that even Target was closed. So, we made a trip to our corner store for the candy instead! Thank goodness they were open, because my husband and I did not want this day to go by for Branden without at least getting a sugar buzz!

At the end of the day, the Halloween parade being cancelled may have been exactly what my family needed – a silver lining in the storm clouds. I live such a busy New York City life, that it took having NO OPTION of leaving my apartment to set my blackberry aside, close my laptop, and focus on what is really most important in life. This TRICK on us certainly turned around and ended up being an unexpected TREAT because we were together as a young family in our new apartment and counting our blessings!

How did you celebrate Halloween 2012? (I hope you were all safe and had no difficulties due to the very serious storm!)

Fashionably Yours,



  1. So glad you were able to find a little sunshine after that storm. Happy Halloween!

  2. Judy Etherington says:

    sounds like you made a bad situation fun! that’s what it is all about!

  3. Judy Etherington says:

    btw, Branden looks adorable! 🙂

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