Trend Report: Spring 2014 Fashion Trends

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Dear Diary,

Ahhhh spring! We’re ready for you…even though it appears you aren’t quite ready for us. I’ll admit it, I have been doing some shopping of the Spring 2014 fashion trends, even though they are currently sitting in my closet feeling neglected and waiting to be worn. But, as I pointed out in Hot Looks For Spring to Buy NOW, these were very strategic purchases, getting me ready to embrace the sunshine as soon as its ready to finally peak from behind the clouds!

I always think about Spring clothing differently.  I have spent all of this brutal winter huddled under coats, scarves, and as many additional layers as I could manage without feeling like a stuffed sausage from my grandma’s kitchen. And as beautiful as my winter clothes are, many of them investment pieces, who was able to see them? As a New Yorker, you spend a lot of time in the streets, and really, this winter, no one noticed anyone’s clothes while the wind howled in their faces.

Once those coats are gone though, you are revealed, honey.  That must be why they called it the Easter Parade!  The coats are gone and your lighter weight clothes are front and center.  And whether you are wearing a dress from last year that doesn’t really look as great as the way you remember it, or whether you are wearing Orchid, the Pantone color of the year 2014, people WILL notice.  The weight you lost or the weight you gained will be visible, and the clothes you choose to wear will make a difference in how you feel.  It’s time you prepare yourself for Spring 2014 Fashion Trends, and Project Motherhood is here to help.

Investing in key pieces for the upcoming season could be looked at as if you were investing in an insurance policy for your wardrobe, ensuring that you will always be on point in the fashion department. So, if you have found yourself pondering the question of should you buy life insurance for your kids–its a safe bet that it’s time for some shopping! (There’s some amazing logic, right?!)  But really, it doesn’t take too much for lovers of fashion to understand the need for advance preparation. Just like anything else that’s important to you, some advance planning ensures that you will indeed be on point when the moment finally arrives.

Are you ready, lovely Mamas? Because it’s time to tackle:

The Spring 2014 Fashion Trends

Spring 2014 Fashion Trends Photo Credit:

Spring 2014 Fashion Trends
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Today, we are going to break it down and discuss the top 4 spring 2014 fashion trends that are easy, chic, and perfect for busy Mamas to integrate into their wardrobes. These trends come straight from the runway, but are wearable and functional for your everyday life. Then, over the next few weeks, I will be featuring mini photo shoots, showing you how to work some fun spring accessories and pieces into your wardrobe that will draw attention and keep people looking your way!

Top 4 Wearable Fashion Trends for Spring 2014

Pastels- Pastels are everywhere this season and a great and easy way to stay on trend! Love wearing skinny jeans? Get them in your favorite lilac color! Whatever you have found to be your favorite pieces that work with your body shape, buy them in your favorite pastel colors. You don’t have to venture far out of your comfort zone, just change up your color palette and you are good to go!

Shop Pastels!

Wide Leg Trousers- I personally love a great wide leg trouser, but not all the time because I’m a shorty and need to make sure that I’m pairing them with heels. And let’s face it, running around New York City all day doesn’t make it easy for wearing heels (you can’t believe everything you see on Sex and the City!). But, if you have an event where you are able to work a wide leg, by all means do it! They give off a very polished yet Boho look and will keep you on trend with all these spring 2014 fashion trends.

Shop Wide Leg Trousers!

Spring Knits- This is one of my favorite ways to transition from winter to spring every year, and mine all seem to be over-sized and very wearable with skinny jeans and leggings. Spring knits are a great lightweight alternative to heavy sweaters and can be found in bright neon colors as well as soft pastels.

Shop Spring Knits!

Shift Blouses- Shift blouses create an effortless chic look and are easy because they are meant to be a bit over sized and not constricting, yet are made out of beautiful fabrics. This will help until you can get that outdoor jogging going again! I recommend pairing these forgiving shift blouses with your favorite jeans for a casual look or wearing them tucked into your favorite pencil skirt for the office!

Shop Shift Blouses!

Are you ready, lovely Mamas? Which of the spring 2014 fashion trends do you like the best and why?

Fashionably Yours,


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