Trendy Clothes For Moms #MomStyleMonday

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This post contains affiliate links. 

Ok mamas, today I’m sharing a super fun #momstylemonday featuring Romwe, which has uber trendy clothes for moms at ridiculously low prices (I’m talking like 70% off all the time.) First, if you haven’t checked out last week’s post, hop over here – I’ve got some trendy graphic tees for littles! Anyways, I have a huge guide that dissects style vs. trends (here), but simply put: trends are things that change quickly in fashion. Don’t invest a ton of money in them because they are in and out like crazy – which is why Romwe is quickly becoming a goto for these pieces for me. I can add like 5 items (no joke) to my wardrobe for under $50.

Trendy Clothes For Moms

I am absolutely obsessed with these pieces (courtesy of Romwe) and have been wearing them like crazy. New York City weather has been a bit confused with spring lately, so they have been perfect for my functional mom wardrobe.

// Jacket: Camo Print Drawstring Pockets Coat $20.89 // Pants: Black Ripped skinny Legging $12.99 // Shoes: Aldo Topper Sneaker $44 // Shades: Valentino $242 //

We actually took these photos on Valentine’s Day in Columbus Circle and it was kinda fun to do a shoot where I was amongst so much business. I typically photograph places where there are less people, but this is what NYC is all about! Anyways, I wanted to share some extra details about these trendy clothes for moms if you’re interested in buying. The jacket isn’t lined, so truly for style, not for warmth. But for me, it’s perfect because I’m always hot carting the kids from place to place. The pants I recommend buying a size down. I was nervous and bought a large and they are super stretchy and constantly pulling them up.

I also added in my shoes because I wear them all the time and am in love. I got them from Nordstrom Rack and they are just the best for when you want to look casual but still cute. The Valentino sunnies are my only splurge item and not trendy – but every mama needs a great pair of shades!

To add an extra pop of trendy to today’s mom style Monday, I have this awesome I Need Coffee Sweatshirt ($15) and if you follow me on Instagram (especially my stories and especially yesterday – check them out to see that happened!) you an easily see how big of a part of my life this is. Everyone knows that I can’t start my day until I have a cup!

Lastly, if you’re looking for more items to help make your wardrobe pop this winter and as we move into spring – check out my 5 things I’m loving in February post – a new one will be up this week for March, too! And if you’re postpartum like me, I also have a great guide for 9 styles for new moms to rock. Happy shopping!

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