The Ultimate Guide To Style vs. Trends

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Let’s start today’s topic off with one of my favorite quotes by Yves St. Laurent, because it helps summarize this  style vs. trends debate. (And because I love a great fashion quote! Don’t you? They always leave me feeling inspired!)

“Fashion fades, style is eternal”

Wow. Its very concise and to the point, but powerful as well. It’s a very telling statement about the way fashion and style was viewed during the time this great fashion house was emerging and still stands true today.

Fashion, like trends, fade. Fashion is changing at a rapid pace and constantly evolving in order to keep up with the demand of the ever changing fashion industry. Think about it. Without trends, there would be no Fashion Week, no major Red Carpet moments, and no Vogue, it would all be more of the same.

Style is eternal, it is something that comes from the inside. It is a knowing about the balance between what’s hot in the fashion industry and what works for you, your body, and your lifestyle.

But you can’t have one without the other.

Style vs. Trends


What is a trend?

A trend is simply everything that is changing in the fashion industry. Trends might stick around for a few years at a time, but they eventually fizzle away. They assist in creating your style and play a huge role in the “what’s hot” category of fashion. Trends are what is happening here and now, but may not be there tomorrow.

Trends are the trains of the fashion industry, they keep moving forward and pulling us along with them.

Examples: Harem Pants, Cut-outs, Crop Tops.

What is style?

As mentioned above, style is a knowing. Style is looking within yourself and tuning out all of the outside “fashion noise” and being able to navigate through it all to develop what works best for you. Finding your personal style can be a tricky thing at first, but after examining 4 key components about yourself, you will have more of an understanding. (How to Find Your Personal Style HERE)

If trends are the trains of the fashion world, then style is the engine, it’s what ties everything together. Without this engine, the train wouldn’t movie. Style is everything constant that remain true through time, the classic pieces that have become iconic over the years. Style is being able to add simple touches or trends to your wardrobe staples in order to turn heads whenever you leave the house.

Examples: A Little Black Dress, Denim, Structured Blazers.

 Do you follow the trends? Have a signature style? Mix it up a little? Share with us below!

Fashionably Yours,


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