I Tried a Waist Cincher for Postpartum and Here’s What Happened

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The things we do in the name of beauty, right? All jokes aside, I was so excited throughout my pregnancy to try out my Belly Bandit Mother Tucker Corset Waist Cincher for postpartum because I was curious about how it would help me get back to my original figure. (Spoiler alert: I wish that I would start using it sooner, but probably for different reasons than you think.) So here I am today, on the first Monday after totally indulging for Thanksgiving and really, really baring it all for you. None of these pictures were photoshopped, just brightened up. And the after picture was literally taken this morning so that I could give you the most accurate results.


So first things first, I want you to know a little bit more info about using a waist cincher. Basically its the art of wrapping the midsection to help take inches off the waist – kinda like wearing a corset. Why is wearing a waist cincher for postpartum so great? It helps your body get back to it’s pre-pregnancy shape quicker by essentially shrinking your uterus back down to original size. These are also great for helping with your c-section recovery as well. The Belly Bandit ones are a tad bit more expensive (the one I linked is about $89), but they really are the best I found after doing a TON of research, and this isn’t really something you want to buy cheap.

Now I’m not a fan of weighting myself or measuring because I tend to get competitive (yes, with myself) and would probably become quickly obsessed with the number instead of focussing on my overall health and long-term goals. So instead, I made sure that I focused on how I felt, the way I looked in the mirror and how my clothes fit during the process. Here is my before picture:


I wore my waist pincher for postpartum religiously from November 1st through today. I didn’t wear it all day long, but for anywhere from 1-3 hours per day.

Week 1: The first time I put it on, I couldn’t do it myself and needed help from Chris to get me all strapped in. The second time, I needed help, too. But after that I was able to clasp it all the way up all on my own – and it was definitely tight!

Week 2: This week I was able to move my waist cincher from the first row of clasps to the second row (making it tighter) and wore it that was throughout the rest of my journey.

Week 3: It got more comfortable during this week to wear and I was even able to sit down wearing it.

Week 4: This week was the easiest for me to both get it closed and move around in.

Here is my after picture:


What did I learn from wearing a waist cincher for postpartum? I think that it’s best used as that: for postpartum. I really couldn’t recommend this Belly Bandit Mother Tucker Corset Waist Cincher for postpartum more to help you regain your strength in your core and pre-pregnancy shape. It’s not a quick fix, but it gave me the confidence to know that I will get back to my postpartum shape and that it’s going to continue to be a part of that journey.

Fashionably Yours,



  1. Do you think you would have lost that anyway?
    That’s why I’m always reluctant. Also, how did you rback feel? 🙂

    • Allison Cooper says:

      I feel like I lost mostly water weight and it helped so much because it was shrinking my uterus back down (which is why I wish I did this like right after I came home from the hospital versus waiting 6 weeks to start). It’s not a quick fix, but it definitely helped and my pants are fitting better. My core is and has always been my “bad” area on my body, so both my stomach and back need to be toned still, but I know the waist cincher helped me lose inches quicker.

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