Fit It In – 5 Ways to Stay Fit and Motivated

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You guys – I’m not gonna lie, working out these past few weeks has been tough. If you have been following along, you know that I was adamant to wear a bikini this summer – and I did – but the energy just isn’t there anymore and I’ve been searching within myself for ways to stay fit and motivated. I was regularly working out 5 days a week, then vacation hit, now I’m lucky if I’m working out once a week. It’s such a struggle! In fact, to be completely honest here – it’s put me into a bit of a depression going from such a place of motivation and belief in myself to a state where the thought of pulling out my yoga mat makes me cringe.

I’ve always been on a fitness quest, the way most of us are. The need has grown stronger with me the last 6-8 months because we are going to start trying for baby #2 soon and I want to be in great shape and be able to continue working out 3-4 days per week throughout my entire pregnancy.

To add to the problem, Branden being off school for the summer and scheduled being different are making it even tougher. I don’t have childcare or a live in nanny, B goes pretty much everywhere with me and we work around each others schedules, so running off to a gym isn’t an option, leaving me with one last choice: working out at home.


Ways to Stay Fit and Motivated

Yes, that’s me above, in all my glory in our living room – but I’m making it happen! Each day I make strides towards the big picture and feel my motivation starting to grow again. Originally, my thoughts were to give workout tips in the post, especially since I was on such a roll a month ago. But since my life has changed, this post has, too – and I want to inspire you all to get your workouts in, the same way I’m trying to inspire myself until I push through this rough patch. Here’s what’s helping me:

1. Find some fab new workout clothes.

ways-to-stay-fit-and-motivated-balini-sport-1c/o Balini Sport

Looking good is always the first step to feeling good! Having some new, awesome workout gear always helps me get back on track because I’m excited to wear the clothes. Balini Sport has the most awesome pieces that I’m crushing on hardcore right now! I love how the Love Yoga Tank clips right onto the sports bra for less bulk and the Diva Leggings hug my body perfectly! If you need tome tips for finding the right fit, check out my post about that by clicking here.

2. Do something everyday.

ways-to-stay-fit-and-motivated-balini-sport-2// Love Yoga Tank // Diva Leggings // Marilyn Yoga Bra //

Honestly, my first step to getting back on track was taking a walk with B last week to a local park that was a bit further than our normal trek. The sun was shining and I did nothing more than a brisk walk that day, but it got my heart rate up – something that feels so good, and started to ignite that workout spark inside me again. So since then, I’ve been doing something everyday to get back to that place again, even if it was just some small stretches – every little bit helps!

3. Eat foods that make you feel good.


This is typically my strongest area, as I’m so strict with my eating whenever I’m at home working everyday. But lately, I’ve been eating crap. I have ZERO motivation to cook dinner and turn on the hot stove, so we have been ordering (meanwhile I have a fully stocked freezer grrr), and I’ve been snacking on things I shouldn’t during that 3pm time of day, everyday.

I’m trying to get back that healthy eating into my life and have been starting each day with Modern Oats – a non-GMO, all natural oat meal with nuts and seeds that keep me full longer and give me the protein and energy that I need to fight off cravings.

4. Focus on other areas in your life, too.

I often realize that whenever I’m not motivated with my fitness goals that it can be because I’m feeling crappy about a different area in my life. So, I try to focus on figuring out what that is and fulfilling that void. For instance, right now I’m having a sort of freelance writing lull and pending contracts on the table that are giving me anxiety. Dealing with so many unanswered questions that impacts my family financially is tough. (Not to mention that during this time my husband was in a car accident that we will have to pay a portion of the repairs even though it wasn’t his fault and I just had to purchase B an entire new wardrobe of school uniform because they changed his over the summer – unexpected expenses that are weighing on me.)

My only option is to figure out how to calm my nerves about that so that I can move forward in other areas, which isn’t always easy. I know deep down that everything will find a way to work itself out, as it always does, but fighting through the unknown is the killer.

5. Work towards a bigger goal.

In less than 2 weeks, Chris and I are running a 5k, something I’ve never done before. Getting back on track is essential because I have a deadline with this, and refuse to be left in the dust by the other runners. working towards this bigger goal is putting each day into perspective and helping me kick my butt in gear and one of the great ways to stay fit and motivated.

Have you been going through a workout funk, too? How are you pushing through?!

Fashionably Yours,



  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    I do workout every single day. Even if I don’t feel like it, I at least go for a walk or something.

  2. I TOTALLY agree with #3 – I think that effects the rest. After I did a round of whole30 I really saw how much food affects my moods, energy, etc. Makes ALL the difference when I eat better! Great list!

  3. Ever since I’ve had my little guy joining me for runs, I’ve been more motivated. These are great tips!

  4. I”m glad I”m not the only one who gets motivated by cute workout clothes. You found some adorable pieces.

  5. Awesome tips! Nice workout clothes always motivate me.:)

  6. Great post!!!!!!

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