Wearable Tech: The Future of Fashion

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A couple of weeks ago, I attended the blogger conference called Blogger Bash here in NYC and had such an amazing experience! While it’s always a fantastic to have the opportunity to connect with many different brands and meet new bloggers from outside the city, my absolute favorite part was getting to sit in on an amazing panel discussion including key players in the digital space–and they were ALL WOMEN!!!

It was so empowering for me to sit in the room with so many women who are totally kicking ass in the digital space. Another really cool thing that I could totally relate to? Whenever each held the microphone to their lips for the first time, they all explained that their business stemmed from “Getting canned”, “getting fired”, or “being laid off!” I started feeling not so alone at that moment.


The panel included:

Deborah J. Mitchell, Deborah Mitchell Media Associates

Samantha Meiler, NickMom

Samantha Murphy Kelly, Mashable

Ciaran Blumenfeld, Hashtracking, Momfluential Media

Anyways….after all of the tech talk, we got to something that I was more in tune with: fashion! The women started speaking about wearable tech, which left me really inspired! It’s amazing how many well known designers are recognizing how important it is to take their clothing to the next level and marry it with technology gear. Whenever I found out that my girl Tory Burch was considered to be the designer pioneer in this arena…they had me completely sucked in!

Fashion + Technology = Wearable Tech!


1. The  Tory Burch Fitbit Flex is pretty much a mixture of fitness + fashion + tech! It fashionably tracks calories, distance, steps, and helps you measure up against your daily fitness goals. Wearing it all day and all night means that it will also track your sleep cycle while you are off in dreamland and your stats can be accessed at any time on your computer, phone or tablet. That’s a lot for only $100.

2. Beloved designer Diane von Furstenberg has joined forces with Net-a-Porter exclusively to create the   DVF Made For Glass Google Glasses–making this futuristic device fashionable! They come in various colors, and even have a man’s version sold at the sister site, Mr. Porter. Would you buy these for $1800?

3. Who doesn’t love a wristlet? While these totally remind me of packing up my Coach wristlet for college frat parties, looking at this  Michael Michael Kors Tech Continental Wristlet makes me think I need a new one! The cool thing about this is that it’s designed for modern day tech and has space for the newest iPhones. Lots of bang for your $148 Michael!

4. We are all constantly misplacing our sunglasses–it seems to be a part of life at this point. But, not anymore! Sunglasses designer Tzukuri has created a pair of sunglasses that will text you whenever they are left behind–YES! They are currently taking pre-orders on their website.

5. Every hear of magical insoles for your shoes? Neither have we–until now! The company Lechal has actually created a pair of insoles that can be placed inside your shoes and synched to your smart phone in order to properly guide you to your destination. Pretty cool, huh?

Would you wear these pieces? Comment below!

Fashionably Yours,



  1. WOW – These are amazing!

  2. Hello Allison, Nice post. These all wearable piece are looking good. I am very excited to wear these pieces. Thanks

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