Weekend Style

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Weekends: they go by way too quick and don’t happen soon enough. Our weeks have been long with both work and homework and Chris has been working one weekend day every weekend, which means I’m without him one day. I always tend to take on extra work that one day that I didn’t have a chance to get done that week instead of just stopping to enjoy the kids and relax, which is my biggest challenge right now. I do really love what I do, but I need to take more time to just be – before these sweet days pass me by.


This Cheerily Snuggle Set is one of my most favorite things that Blake has in her closet and I totally tried to copy it with my favorite No Nonsense Relaxed Leggings (buy them asap – they are the comfiest!!) and H&M graphic tee.



So you could say that our weekend style is super relaxed. Branden has to be dressed up all week for school, so weekends are all about joggers and graphic tees for him, too. And to be honest – we only have so many dress up outfits for this little nugget, it’s all leggings and tees because babies need to be comfy and cozy!


Do you ever feel like that, too? Where weekends are just filled with playing catch up. I always wished they were three days long so that I could have two days to relax and one to catch up before everything starts all over again. It’s sometimes hard (really hard) to turn off that need to get things done, but I challenge you to do it along with me. I keep trying to remind myself that I’m not going to look back and worry about if the dishes were done or if there was dust on the entertainment center when my kids are grown and I’m reflecting back on our life. Our home is lived in and that’s okay with me.


So for now, I’ll fill myself in a sea of giggles and try to just let it all be. Have a great week everyone!

Fashionably Yours,


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