Weird Beauty Treatments That Will Make You Look Younger

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Our lists of 6 weird beauty treatments that will make you look younger that all the celebs are using, plus alternatives that you can actually try at home!

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Weird Beauty Treatments That Will Make You Look Younger

So, you want to look younger? You could opt for the more traditional beauty treatments out there – facials, massages, botox, and microdermabrasion to name just a few. However, people are always looking for new ways to turn back the clock, and there are some weird beauty treatments out there that can help you to look younger – not to mention they have a celebrity following! Let’s take a look at these weird beauty treatments!

6 Weird Beauty Treatments Celebs Are Trying (And Alternates You Can Try At Home!)

You will be flabergasted by these weird beauty treatments that celebs are paying SO much money for! Don’t worry though, I’ve found some alternatives you can try at home for way less.

Bee Venom

Prince William’s spouse, formerly known as Miss Kate Middleton, is said to be a huge fan of bee venom and credits it for her youthful appearance. This treatment doesn’t include getting stung by bees, but it does involve using products that contain the unusual ingredient. Other fans are said to be Victoria Beckham, the Minogue sisters, and Michelle Pfeiffer. This treatment performed as a facial will cost you a pretty penny though – well over $200. You can buy products containing bee venom over the counter, just be sure you aren’t allergic by spot testing it first. A much safer anti-aging product is marine d3.

Placenta Face Masks

J.Lo is a huge fan of placenta face masks – you heard that right, placenta from live births. Freeze-dried, sterilized powder made from placentas taken after human, pig, or sheep births is used and applied to the face. This mask is said to contain many proteins and enzymes, and can soothe skin after a laser treatment or exfoliation.

Vitamin IV Drips

Simon Cowell is a HUGE fan of the Vitamin IV drips, containing an infusion of nutrients like B12 and Magnesium. He described it as a ‘warm feeling’, and explained that you literally feel all of the vitamins going through you. He felt increased energy for a good three days afterwards, and said he loved the calming feeling as you have one of these beauty treatments, too.

Vampire Face Lifts

Sounds scary, doesn’t it? The Vampire Face Lift is named so due to the claim that it keeps people forever young – oh and the fact that it uses blood. Kim Kardashian is said to be a fan of this facial, but it’ll cost you a huge $600 upwards.


Leech Therapy

This might be the scariest of the weird beauty treatments in my opinion, but many celebs claim that ‘leeching’ is among the highly effective anti-aging beauty treatments that can energize the mind, body, and soul. If you fancy this weird anti-aging treatment, you’ll probably have to travel far and wide to find a clinic that offered it – Demi Moore went to a clinic in Austria, but didn’t disclose where exactly.

The Bird Poo Facial

That’s right; years ago in Japan, people used to use a face cleansing routine that included the use of nightingale poo to get the heavy makeup of their faces. The droppings do contain enzymes that help to cleanse the skin, but nowadays this treatment is offered with the use of dried, powdered, and sterilized bird poo (still gross!).

If you want to look younger, these weird beauty treatments could be just what you’re after – but are you willing to smear bird poo and placenta on your face to do it?

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  1. My husband and I are on a budget so this is very helpful information! All in the name of beauty, right?! =)

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