When Independence Takes Over

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June 1st started out with a bang in our home today. Branden was definitely having a case of the “its-a-short-weekitus” and wanted absolutely nothing to do with going to school. He took a stand against brushing his teeth, then getting dressed, then leaving for the bus. I totally get it though, with the end of the school year a mere 27 days away, end of year field trips on the horizon, a family getaway approaching, big brother duties happening in t-11 weeks, and well…SUMMER, I wouldn’t want to go to school either.

day at the park 1

We somehow coaxed him out the door, and our day continued as normal. But, this morning’s predicament definitely left my mama brain spinning.

I couldn’t help but think about how much independence has taken over and his 7 year old brain and he really thought that he could make that call this morning. While yes, he has many, meany years before he can decide when he gets to go to school or not, the independent attitude made me a little weepy.

Every year I have watched him grow and he has needed me a little less and less.

day at the park 3

Obviously, the goal of parenting is to raise well rounded human beings that are able to go off into the world and make smart decisions and have a life of their own, but the idea of my sweet boy not needing me as much really struck a chord in me today. Maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones or the school year coming to a close that made the blow a little bit harder, but in a sense, it’s almost as if I’m getting ready to give birth to a baby that will need me for everything and letting go of my older child needing me as much. Things seem to have come full circle around here and I’m not sure I like it.

The thing I realized though is this – even if I don’t like it, this independent spike within our little man is what we need as a family unit right now. With the age gap between or kiddos, there’s going to be a lot of transitioning in our home in August and both my husband and I are going to need him to step up, help out, and fend for himself a little bit more.

day at the park 2

But there will always be time for cuddles, mommy/daddy/Branden dates, family time, and helping him with anything and everything that he ever asks for help with – even when he’s 50!

How did you deal with the independence factor? Was it hard for you to come to terms with the fact that you child doesn’t need you as much?

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