Best Pants For Pear Shaped Body

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Whether wide leg or skinnies are your favorites, here’s the best pants for pear shaped body that will hug you in all the right places and help you show off your assets, too!

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Best Pants For Pear Shaped Body

Okay, fashion can be a fickle thing sometimes, because it’s constantly changing. I will say this though and mean it forever: a well tailored, well proportioned, well made pair of pants will look great on you forever…promise! Wide leg pants are great and can definitely be worn by all body shapes, you just have to put some work into finding the right pair for you.

The thing about wide leg pants is that they are as far opposite in silhouette from our beloved skinnies as possible — so you need to make sure you keep

that in mind. Typically when wearing skinny pants of all kinds, you tend to wear slouchier, over-sized0 pieces on top to make sure that you don’t look like a …uh.. prostitute! So when shopping forwide leg pants you have to make sure to flip that mindset upside down. Since your wide leg pants will be more over-sized and slouchy, make sure that the top part of your body is wearing more fitted, form fitting tops.

Shopping For The Best Pants For Pear Shape Body

With the pear shape body having larger hips, wide leg pants should be your go-to pants anyways, as they flatter your silhouette beautifully. But, with the sea of wide leg types that we are faced with, it can often be overwhelming as to which are the best pants for pear shape body and should come into the fitting room with us. Here’s my suggestions:

Focus on straight wide legs.

This silhouette is best for your figure and will help visually balance your body out. If you prefer a more tapered leg and then a wider bottom, that will work too. But, if you are trying to hide wide thighs or just more conformable with this particular silhouette–it compliments beautifully! Overall, you don’t have to be sporting a super huge wide leg in order to get the benefits of this style.


When you are trying to determine where the pants should hit on your waist in order to get the most flattering look overall, you want to search for key terms such as “midrise” that will leave the pants falling about an inch below your belly button.


Overall, if this is a pair of pants you want to stay in your wardrobe for years to come, invest in a high quality fabric with a little bit of stretch in it! You can sense a high quality fabric by checking the care tag and feeling the hand of the pants between your fingers–touch says a lot about a good pair of pants!

Avoid pockets.

Pockets–specially in the hip area–will only accentuate this part of your body. Look for wide leg pants that are rid of pockets of any kind! If you must have them, opt for pockets that are slim or just there for ornamentation!

Shop the best pants for pear shaped body:

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The best pants pear shaped body are out there – I promise! Just focus on the main things that we discussed like fabrication, avoiding pockets and thinking about choosing straighter legs and you will be well on your way to not only having a closet filled with clothes that fit, but all of these staples that women need for a complete wardrobe. 

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  1. Smart thoughts here. I love wide leg pants too… and when I need pockets, I’ll just strap on a PortaPocket under my pantleg, and I’m good to go! 🙂

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