Rectangle Body Shape Clothing: Wide Leg Pants

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Today in our dressing for your body shape series we’re talking rectangle body shape clothing and sharing the greatest tips for shopping for wide leg pants.

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Rectangle Body Shape Clothing: Wide Leg Pants

Here we are at the end of the wide leg pants series and finally getting to our rectangle shape ladies! With wide leg pants sort of having a boxy shape to begin with, you rectangle shaped ladies need to be strategic when shopping and focus on the details to find the perfect fit – but it’s possible, and we’re going to tell you how!

Tips for rectangle body shape clothing


Go with high waisted.

Being that your shape is essentially built like a rectangle (duh!), focusing on high waisted silhouettes will give your shape more definition and the illusion of a curvier shape – which is what you are aiming for!

Make use of amazing belts or embellished waistbands.

There are so many beautiful belts out there – thick, thin, everything – that can easily be added to any high waisted wide leg pants of yours to give you an extra special curvy look. In addition, especially since it’s “holiday” time of year, you will be able to find some wide leg pants that actually have embellishments around the waist built right into them.

Stay away from super wide legs.

Like we mentioned before, oversized wide lags will only make you appear much more rectangle. Opt for pants that have a smaller wide leg and is more proportionate to your overall figure.

Fall in love with pin stripes!

Any type of stripes are going to make you visually appear more elongated and shapely – instead of rectangle. Pin stripes are great because they are more subtle, but boy will they give you that silhouette you long for!

Shop our favorite wide leg pants for the rectangle body shape:

Looking for more rectangle body shape clothing goodness? I’ve got everything you need here:



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Are you a rectangle body shape? What your favorite pair of wide leg pants?

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