Wide Leg Pants For The Strawberry Shape

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Even though ALL body shapes can wear wide leg pants with ease, they are most highly recommended for the strawberry body shape overall because they add volume to your bottom half – giving the illusion of a smaller waist and less broad shoulders. Score!

It’s all about fooling the eyes whenever you are trying to downplay or highlight different areas of your body. I highly recommend standing in front of your mirror as you are getting dressed and snap some pictures of yourself in outfits that you are thinking of wearing. Then, scroll back over them all and you will be able to better see how you actually look in clothing. In more cases than not, you will feel relived, knowing that you actually look better than the way you see yourself when you are looking in the mirror. If not – then you know what areas you need to work on either improving or hiding.

Shopping For Wide Leg Pants For The Strawberry Shape Body


Prints and textures.

The lucky strawberry body shape can play with many different prints and texture in wide leg pants and really have fun with the clothing they are choosing! Just be careful to avoid lines going vertically (unless they are like the Clover Canyon paired pictures above that intermix pattern with stripes) because vertical patterns will make your lower half look slimmer – leading to your already broad shoulders appearing broader.


Stay away from wide leg pants that are high waisted! Make sure to look for options that sit on your natural waist or one inch below.

Add volume through pockets.

Unlike many other body shapes, when shopping for the perfect wide leg pants, the strawberry shape can choose pairs that have pockets to add extra volume. This creates a very visually appealing balance to your overall shape.

Opt for a cinched waist through belts.

Many body shapes have a hard time with belts, but strawberry ladies do NOT! Have a blast trying on gorgeous belts to accompany wide legs pants to add extra volume and embellishment in a fun way!

Shop our favorite wide leg pants for the strawberry body shape:

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Are you a strawberry body shape? What your favorite pair of wide leg pants?

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