Wine Cork Christmas Ornaments

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Ok friends, you all know how open I am about being the not-so-crafty mom, right? Even though crafting really isn’t one of my skills, I do feel inspired this time of year to do some artsy things with the kids or as gifts, but I’m totally not a Pinterest-mom. So I put together a few fun posts for you, sharing some really easy ideas for crafting and getting into that holiday spirit without having to stress yourself out. The first up are these adorable wine cork Christmas ornaments that you can add to your list of fun this year!


These diy wine work Christmas ornaments are especially great if you happen to love a bottle of wine or two now and again (especially during the holiday season), but if you don’t have any handy, you can buy some here for really inexpensive. Making these wine cork Christmas ornaments will be a memorable experience for you and your kids this holiday season.

Wine Cork Christmas Ornaments

If you remember, last year I did a fun DIY home spa day in a jar craft, but this year I’m trying my best to take things up a notch with these wine cork snowman ornaments – while still keeping it simple! Most of these supplies will simply be items you already have around your house – resulting in even less fuss.


What you’ll need to make the wine cork Christmas ornaments:

Instructions for the wine cork snowman ornaments:

wine-cork-christmas-ornaments-3Start by painting your wine corks with white paint. I used chalk paint because it dries quickly, once the wine cork has dried completely, make two small eyes on the front of it with a Sharpie marker.

Then, you want to put the pointy end of a toothpick or wood skewer off with a pair of scissors. Leave it long enough to be the nose for your wine cork snowman, but not too long. Use hot glue to attach the nose to the front of the wine cork under the eyes you drew on before, then use a small thin paintbrush to paint the wooden nose orange. Make a coal mouth for your snowman by placing small circles with a Sharpie marker under the nose on the front of the wine cork.


Cut a small piece of ribbon and wrap it around the wine cork just under the mouth you have drawn on. Secure the ribbon in place with hot glue, and cut the ends off to make the ribbon into a short scarf for your snowman. Draw three small black circle buttons onto the front of your snowman under the scarf with a Sharpie marker. Glue two small craft pom poms to either side of your wine cork snowman’s head, these will be his earmuffs.


Cut a small piece of sparkly pipe cleaner to serve as the band for the earmuffs. Glue one end of the pipe cleaner to the pom poms on either side of the snowman’s head.


Glue a small loop of twine to the back of your snowman ornament to serve as a hanger for the snowman.


And just like that, your wine cork Christmas ornament is complete – so easy, right? You can easily add other elements and turn this into Santa, an angel or even an elf. Have fun crafting this holiday season!

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